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Design Automation: An Interesting Variant for Repetitive Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture Manufacturing

To furniture manufacturers:

Have you ever come across a point while fabricating that led you to push back the deadlines because of customized requirement by each client?

To furniture design engineers:

Have you experienced, while designing, that a certain CAD model is same as what you did for last customer except for a few minor alterations?

A group of designer engineer developed insights to eliminate this repetitive grunt work and make the furniture manufacturing business more interesting. DriveWorks was introduced with this aim and to have accelerated business opportunities.

Furniture industry has come a long way

Furniture industry is highly customized, and furniture fabricators sell products that are highly configured as per their customers’ requirements. Every furniture piece is different because it uses different designs and modern because it has to keep up with the latest design trends. Fabricators insist on accelerating engineering lead time and deliver their products quickly to stay profitable.

But when designs are customized and changes come along the way from customer’s end it will take too much time to edit CAD models – a standard CAD platform users will know the exact pains to accomplish it. Instead of CAD platform, if a design automation plugin like DriveWorks is used with it, their jobs would become interesting and more productive. Furniture manufacturers too shall be enabled to deliver sustainable and long lasting furniture products, which would develop health relations with their customers.

Paving the way ahead

Deploying capabilities of DriveWorks along with compatible standard CAD platforms will essentially give furniture manufacturers an edge to deliver better services to retail furniture suppliers and customers. What lies ahead is elimination of pushing back the deadlines and delivers the project on time with accurate quoting.

A furniture manufacturer catering to retail chain business will exactly know how crucial it is to serve their client. Essentials of correct catering to such a client are because of the repetitive and enormous business that retail chain furniture supply will bring.

A case in point

A furniture manufacturer in USA supplying manufactured furniture pieces for shopfitting and other furniture items in the retail chain stores was finally keen on bringing about some efficient changes. It was a trigger to look for solutions and reducing engineering lead times with an aim to make his job more interesting.

The core requirement of retail chain stores is the identical furniture and specific set of requirements across business chains. Although the designs remain same, shopfitting furniture may change with the changing location and spatial arrangements there in. Additionally, regional curve of likes and dislikes will affect furniture designs to a considerable extent.

Owing to such acute needs, furniture suppliers constantly face a challenge in delivering the required products on time and with varying spatial availability. These customized needs will affect manufacturing in several manners, a few of which are enlisted here:

With multiple such customized features in a similar standard basic design, manufacturer’s work became all the more difficult. However, the street-smart manufacturer embarked upon DriveWorks by developing basic CAD models in SolidWorks for automating and customizing these designs. Along with CAD models, developing all the rules for around design database for customization enabled the manufacturer to speed up the delivery time.

It was remarkable that the manufacturer reduced the lead time to one day which otherwise would have taken some 4-5 days because of design automation. The product configuration for customized design sped up the time for fabrication drawing generation, BOMs and accurate quoting which became the core reason for speeding up the cycle.

In general, with such aforementioned series of benefits, manufacturers are sure to project an image of reliability across the market. Also it goes without saying that the manufacturer will be empowered to have a better sales delivery and no wasted material.


With design automation, design engineers create designs only once and use them repeatedly numerous times instead of repetitively designing same things numerous times. It gives them more design scope and time, and simplifies design changes as well. The power of CAD and design automation will help manufacturers and designers, both, to achieve their goals.

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Kashyap Vyas

About Author: is an Engineer at Hitech and holds a Master’s degree in Thermal Engineering with several research papers to his credit. He covers CAD and CAE topics for the engineering industry. His contributions are primarily focused on encouraging manufacturers and suppliers to adopt virtual product development tools to build efficient products with reduced time-to-market.

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