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DriveWorks 16: How Bespoke Designers and Manufacturers Will Benefit?

DriveWorks 16

DriveWorks remains the leading choice for bespoke manufacturers and designers supporting extensive automation of repetitive design tasks with powerful configurator and quick CPQ solutions. Users advocate the fact that DriveWorks empowers them in responding to customer inquiries faster and deliver quality for Engineered-To-Order [ETO] products.

The Big announcement by DriveWorks

On April 30, 2018, company announced the release of version DriveWorks 16, an update for performance enhancement, timers, dynamic 3D geometry and specific task generation. How manufacturers and design engineers of bespoke products like furniture, for one instance, leverage these new enhanced features is interesting to know.

Taking a quick look at the DriveWorks Solo, the new version is enabled with a dialogue box asking for permission prior to sharing personal data keeping GDPR act in focus. Other than that, all the updates are made to be consistent with enhanced features in SolidWorks 2018.

Updates in DriveWorks Pro

In this new version of DriveWorks Live, design data is pushed to the server in real-time reflecting grouped table updates. Real-time data push means a quick configuration of the product and enabling generation of accurate sales quotes in no time. When data is pushed to the server in real-time it facilitates quick loading of multiple design ideates and displaying them to the potential customer.

A simultaneous display of specification details in adjacent tab, it loads the set of permissible dimensions and corresponding design models ideates giving a better buying experience to the customer. With this update, as design data sets are pushed to server in real-time, 10 simultaneous users to use the application and configure the product and check out with the ordered item in case of online configurator, a quicker solution indeed.

How will custom product design engineers benefit?

The particular update useful for custom product design engineers is the enhanced and dynamic 3D design display techniques. New camera views, interactive motions, lighting, textures, etc. enables the design engineer to better depict each feature clearly and make design communication simpler.

These functions allow the user to navigate through the 3D model, rotate in 360 degrees and view the entire product design for evaluation. As the colors, viewports and camera scaling are adjustable, the user can change the parameters before finalizing the product features and previews can be controlled in a better manner.

Ideally, entire fraternity of design engineers can leverage these update of 3D performance to improvise UX by differing rendering capabilities, aligned textures, navigation through the model and ease in documentation through Documentation and Duplication nodes.

What’s in it for bespoke product manufacturers?

While there are aforementioned updates in DriveWorks 16 specifically for design engineers, there lies a whole bunch of updates from which manufacturers and manufacturing firms invested in bespoke products can benefit too.

As stated earlier, the new features have been introduced that works on general performance improvement in DriveWorks 16 update such as calculation tables, viewing, editing and exporting the design data at a significantly faster rate. Furthermore, it can easily clear the logs from previously used profiles to run the configurator faster.

Particularly for manufacturers, as the DriveWorks 16 update is compatible with every feature that is newly introduced and/or upgraded to SolidWorks 2018. Thus there won’t be any issues for automating the design using native 3D CAD models. Additionally, the CNC codes can be created directly from the configurator models using SolidWorks CAM PowerPack.

What you need to do?

In order to download the update, DriveWorks resellers and customers need an active subscription support contract from DriveWorks community and license key. Other prerequisites can be tracked from the official website of DriveWorks.

We at Hitech CADD Services, a DriveWorks authorized service partners, and other users across the globe are looking forward to this update and leverage the most of it for our bespoke design and manufacturing business solutions. If you have any implementation or running query and need a design partner, drop us an email at and our DriveWorks specialists will contact you for partnership.

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Author Usha B. Trivedi

About Author: is an engineer and she contributes in-depth articles for mechanical and industrial equipment designs, furniture designs and fabrication sector. Her contributions are primarily focused on enabling engineering professionals, furniture manufacturers and fabricators to optimize design outcomes through CAD and CAE tools.

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