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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Structural Analysis for Motor Pump Assembly
Stress Distribution for Precision Parts
Paper Honeycomb Composite
Modal Analysis for Precision Parts
Material Thickness based on Structural Analysis
Hitech delivers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services to assist design engineers and fabricators in resolving structural and thermal analysis challenges with optimized engineering designs, in a timely fashion and cost-effective solutions.

Hitech offers a complete range of FEA consulting services to fabricators and design engineers including structural, thermal, fatigue, stress analysis, and pressure analysis on fluid carrying structure. We collaborate with design engineers for analyzing the product behavior, predict failures and creep, and optimize the product design accordingly. Our team of FEA specialist engineers helps your design engineers take design decisions early and expedite product development stage.

We provide design optimization and analysis services for mechanical equipment used in various plants such as industrial plants, sheet metal product manufacturers, automotive OEM and ancillaries and pressure vessel manufacturers. Technical FEA experts at Hitech; use ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS NLS and ANSYS LS Dyna to evaluate component performance under different operational conditions, loading conditions, repetitive stress cycles, etc.

We specialize in delivering design optimization services though FEA across enlisted areas:

  • Structural analysis of various industrial components for storage for stability and seismic vibrations
  • Fracture analysis and design validation for limiting cases
  • Life assessment tests against fatigue loading and pressure
  • Study of component behavior for impact loading and design validation
  • Design optimization to withstand designed values of pressure and stress
  • Thermal analysis in heating and cooling industrial equipment

The technical expertise of our FEA consultants in delivering Finite Element based product design optimization enable you to address complex engineering design problems, and help validate product designs prior to production.

We help engineering design validate the geometry through virtual simulation prior to production and avoid last minute hassles. To ensure accuracy in results, we also perform validity checks such as convergence analysis, boundary conditions review and hand calculations, allowing manufacturers to validate their designs faster.

With our proven project management capabilities, we have remained a valuable engineering design support partner for clients located in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, GCC, Australia, & APEC.

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