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FEA Case Study

Structural and Vibration Analysis of Bracket Design, USA

The Client
Automotive, USA

The Objective

To evaluate the structural strength of the bracket design, considering worst case scenario and determine the natural frequency of the bracket to avoid the possibility of resonance.

The Solution

Hi-Tech’s FEA analysts developed bracket model with higher natural frequency than the engine, and optimized the design for worst case loading conditions through static structural and modal

ANSYS Professional NLS 14.5


Engineering Solution

In order to address the problem, an initial design provided by the customer was re-modeled with optimized geometrical dimensions, to ensure that the bracket’s natural frequency was well above the engine’s operating frequency, avoiding the possibility of resonance.

The revised model was utilized to perform static structural and modal analysis using finite element method. It was found that the new proposed bracket design was well within the allowable stress limits and nominal deformation. To evaluate the structural strength of the bracket in worst conditions, the load due to pipe was doubled and the results were found within the permissible range. Through modal analysis, the natural frequency of the bracket was measured well above the operating frequency of the engine.


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