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BIM for Prefabrication

Improve construction productivity with BIM-based prefab/precast concrete modeling and detailing

Modern-day complex building design requires preemptive planning and implementation to visualize how a structure will look like before onsite activities begin. We help you streamline the prefab/precast process with information-rich 3D pre-fabrication models, accurate detailing and documentation powered by automation.

Our end-to-end BIM-based structural precast modeling and precast concrete detailing services include precast modeling and construction, framing prefabrication, precast shop drawings, bar bending schedules, and more. Our team of experts excel in building a centralized BIM database to support and streamline your precast workflows from design to development, and quality check to erection.

Get precise prefab drawings & structural detailing at every stage of precast  →

Prefab modeling & detailing of complex concrete structures

We assist engineering consultants, contractors, fabricators, precast manufacturers, and structural engineers to visualize, simulate, and document construction projects through accurate detailing of walls, beams, slabs, columns, etc. We deliver project-specific accurate foundation designs, load calculations, frame designs, retaining wall designs, concrete structure modeling, and designs. With more than 5 years of structural concrete detailing experience, and 50+ countries served, we specialize in precast concrete modeling and MEP pre-fabrication services for demanding structural projects.

Our BIM for prefabrication/precast service offerings

  • BIM precast modeling and detailing for structural members in Revit® at LOD 400 for accurate factory fabrication.
  • Precast modeling within acceptable tolerances and regional standards for efficient precast erection.
  • Generating precast erection drawings, shop drawings with rebar detailing for every structural member, shape, and information.
  • Interdisciplinary clash detection, resolution, and reporting with regular design updates.
  • 3D element modeling in Revit for columns, beams, solid slabs, façade concrete, stairs, etc.
  • Producing bar bending schedules, BOMs and BOQs for concrete grade M20 to M75.
  • Creation of building members with modular construction modules.
  • Generating coordinated structural elements for mould reusability.
  • Assigning unique ID for each pre-cast element for accurate erection.

Benefits of BIM-based precast concrete modeling and detailing

  • Overall quality improvement using Revit 3D BIM model-based detailing as per project needs.
  • Accurate documentation for pre-cast elements with fabrication-ready models.
  • High-quality precast elements for fabrication, assembly, and installation through customized parametric families.
  • Accelerated project schedules through 2D or 3D views driven by parametric design.
  • Diminished project costs based on effective precast detailing in a 3D environment.
  • Reduction in field errors through higher precast model accessibility for precasters and contractors.

Why partner with us for your structural precast detailing and concrete preconstruction modeling needs

  • Quick turnaround

    Virtual prototypes through parametric modeling of precast models and prefabricated components reduce design time and improve efficiency.

  • Accurate prefabrication

    Prefabrication with BBS, BOQs and BOMs for better offsite component manufacturing.

  • Precast element planning

    Use of advanced BIM tools optimizes time, diminishes human errors, and drives production automation for Precast/Prefab components.

  • Precise schedules and quantity takeoff’s

    Powerful scripts, workflows, and plugins with precise quantity takeoffs from preliminary layouts and drawings for accurate scheduling and cost estimation.

  • Clash avoidance

    Coordinated 3D models diminish clashes early on in the design stage reducing onsite errors and project delays.

  • Better safety

    Reduction in onsite risks with prefab construction backed by construction drawings.

Sectors we cater for prefab/precast concrete detailing

Multi-Level Car Park
Multi-Level Car Park
Residential & Commercial Buildings
Residential & Commercial Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Projects
Special Purpose Buildings
Special Purpose Buildings
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Partner with us for your prefabrication concrete detailing needs.

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