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Millwork Detailing

Bring designed ambience to life with high-quality furniture

We develop detailed millwork shop drawings for seamless and uninterrupted manufacturing. Your designers are empowered to accurately convey design intents to millwork developers and create the right-fit-deliverables.

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Perfecting craftsmanship with detailed shop drawings

We empower you to get architects’ approvals by developing detailed millwork shop drawings. You get to save time, costs and reworks, and perfect all kinds of bespoke furniture with updated red-line and markup drawings before you start fabrication.

Your shop floor engineers are empowered with detailed construction, assembly and installation guides as per the standards millwork and bespoke joinery drafting. We simplify your decision making with complete set of submittals, production drawings and CNC layered files to standardize the workflows.

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Areas of specialization for millwork and joinery drawings

Hospitality industry

Hospitality furniture

Booths, banquette seating, custom tabletops, countertops, upholstered furniture

Office furniture

Office furniture

Planters, reclining chair, lounge chair, U-shaped sofa, L-shaped sofa, bespoke reception desk

Commercial furniture

Commercial furniture

Wall paneling, digital signage, timber, glazed, terracotta wall, architectural woodwork



Display counters, POS counters, racks & shelves, drawers etc.

Why do you need millwork detailed drawings

Standardized workflows
Standardized workflows
Creating right-fit furniture
Creating right-fit furniture
Effective space utilization
Effective space utilization
Contemporary ambience
Contemporary ambience
Better form, fit and finish
Better form, fit and finish
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Millwork drafting services for quality furniture manufacturing

Our portfolio

Converting ideas to reality

With Hitech’s millwork detailing team, we could clearly see that our shops were functioning differently and efficiently. From dealing with design changes and resource waste, we could forestall those by making design changes in the detailing phase and target better profits.
Bespoke Furniture Manufacturer, USA
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We detail your millwork design ideas to take make precision manufacturing possible!

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