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Asset Performance Management

Maximize asset availability and useful life of equipment

Unscheduled downtime, frequent machine failures, underperforming assets and high maintenance costs threaten to undermine manufacturing operational efficiency.

Our asset performance management solution allows you to monitor asset condition across your plant in real time to diagnose and pre-empt equipment problems. We use advanced analytics, AI and best-in-class customized application for a data-driven approach to monitor machine health parameters such as vibration, temperature, power consumption, acoustic etc. Real time visibility into asset condition through an integrated platform and intelligent alerts help you predict issues, increase machine uptime, extend asset lifecycles and increase plant safety.

Improve asset utilization across shop floor →

Leverage the power of AI for higher asset performance

Boost operational efficiency

Boost operational efficiency

Enable higher uptime and productivity

Enable higher uptime and productivity

Improve machine management

Minimize workforce safety risks

Improve machine health through predictive maintenance

Improve machine health & availability

Prevent unplanned machine failure

Prevent unplanned machine failure

Harness comprehensive asset performance management capabilities

Assessment and Strategy Optimization
Assessment and Strategy Optimization
Get a clear picture of current status of every equipment on the manufacturing shop floor and assess risk and asset criticality to create an action plan that entails people, processes, and machines.
Asset Information Management<
Asset Information Management
Manage piles of unstructured data through a centralized hub to improve information flow, quickly respond to issues, enhance compliance and eliminate errors throughout the value chain.

Maintain high-value physical assets with smart asset management

Asset Monitoring

Get advanced remote monitoring to identify, predict and analyze issues across legacy systems and aging machines to optimize performance.

Asset Monitoring
Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Enable condition-based monitoring and maintenance using IoT sensors to predict failures, extend useful life, and improve reliability.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyze, predict and prevent issues with timely diagnosis of asset health to optimize performance, reduce downtime and increase machine availability.

Predictive Maintenance
Asset Analytics

Asset Analytics

Get accurate insights through a 360-degree view of assets and operations. Seamless integration and visualization help in informed decision-making.

Demo Get 360-degree visibility across plant assets

Analyze, track and predict your machine health- in real-time.

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