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Increased machine uptime by 5% with smart energy monitoring for a steel bars manufacturer

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Increased machine uptime by 5% with smarty energy monitoring for a steel bars manufacturer

Project Overview

Client Profile
Steel Bars Manufacturing Company
Machine details and plant’s power consumption records
Smart meter monitoring solution
Microsoft Cloud Azure

Business Needs

The steel bars manufacturing plant housed heavy duty shot blasting machine and six extrusion lines. They were permitted to use 95KW power per month; overshooting it could result in severe penalties. Using manual methods to track power consumption resulted in shutting down heavy machines that affected production capacity.

The manufacturer was looking to:

  • Constantly monitor power consumption smartly
  • Keep it under permissible limits
  • Get real-time alerts in case of overshooting permissible thresholds.


  • Heavy duty machines with limited automation capabilities
  • Ineffective power consumption tracking processes that inhibited maximum asset utilization
  • Limited visibility and control over assets performance and flawed reporting systems
  • High manual-dependency for timely power consumption analysis

Our Solutions & Approach

Deployed smart sensors, energy meters and gateway devices to remotely monitor power consumption. Consolidated data in interactive dashboards for real-time alerts.

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  • The onsite project team assessed the entire manufacturing unit with and gathered in-depth understanding of machines, processes and power consumption patterns.
  • Defined KPIs for power thresholds and configured across all types of small to heavy manufacturing machines.
  • Developed and deployed a tailored online remote asset performance monitoring solution consisting of:
    • IoT-enabled gateway devices along with required sensors and smart energy meter.
    • Intuitive web-based online monitoring dashboard for real-time power consumption data visibility and accurate KPI-based reports.
    • Instant alerts and notifications to respective team members for any kind of threshold breaches for various parameters.
  • Validated and conducted a successful pilot test and implemented it smoothly at the plant location and imparted training to all users.
  • Monitored health of sensors and energy meters on ongoing and regular basis and provided maintenance support for the smart meters.
Energy Monitoring System
Energy Monitoring System

Business Impact

Project Samples

Plant Energy Monitoring System
Plant Energy Monitoring System
Energy Monitoring System
Energy Monitoring System
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