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Architectural Construction Documentation

Specialized architectural construction drawing services with precision design techniques

We deliver high-quality customized architectural 2D construction drawings and complete CAD conversion services for complex and fast-track residential and commercial projects. Our team of 50+ Revit® Architecture certified professionals utilize data-driven processes and tools to achieve comprehensive construction documentation requirements.

Our architectural drafting specialists create design sets and working drawing documents with accuracy and thorough quality check reviews. Our attention to accuracy and timelines helps architects, designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and fabricators gain a streamlined construction process.

Architectural Construction Documentation

Communicate design intent clearly with construction documents

We understand that accurate set of coordinated working drawings serve as project blueprints and can create customized sets of construction documents to cater to your individual project needs. Our team of skilled architectural drafters ensure that every technical detail and aspect is included in the construction drawings to help you gain better project clarity. Our accurate site plans help you visualize what the building will look like and what materials and technology will be used for installation.

List of sheets delivered under building construction documents

We provide bespoke and personalized construction drawing solutions for clients backed by excellence, quick turnaround time, and cutting-edge quality.

  • Cover Sheet
  • Elevations
  • Ceiling Details
  • Site Plan
  • Stair Details
  • Door Schedule
  • Floor Plans
  • Wall Details
  • Window Schedule
  • Roof Plan
  • Floor Finish Pattern
  • RCP Floor Plans
  • Typical Wall Sections – 6
  • Interior – Elevations – Toilets
  • Room Finish Schedule

Architectural Documentation for a Large Hospital Building, Egypt

3D BIM Modeling for a Large Hospital Building, Egypt
A leading construction company situated in Egypt needed to develop a highly accurate, detailed and coordinated architectural BIM model at LOD 300. The architectural construction documentation needed to be precise and based on AIA (American Institute of Architects) standards.
Construction Company, Egypt

Advantages of outsourcing your architectural construction documents

Our construction drawing services are utilized in various project sectors including residential apartments, hospitals & quarantine facilities, underground infrastructural utilities, retail & commercial complexes, educational institutions, and more.

  • Scalable and flexible drawing deliverables

    Customized technical architectural documentation for file and software compatibility.

  • Secure architectural drafting storage and access

    Dependable deliverable storage for customized designs and access as well as edit capabilities for older architectural documents.

  • Checklists for improved quality control

    Three-step quality check process including peer-to-peer checking as well as detailed quality checklists.

  • High precision drawings

    Thorough accuracy checks for site plans, foundation plans, and MEP drawings to realize accurate project costing.

  • Global industry standards adherence

    Use of AIA standards, NFPA codes & standards, ADA standards, accessibility codes, and more to achieve high-quality drawings.

  • Customized library creation

    Accurate and detailed Revit libraries and annotation to achieve drawing clarity and dimensional accuracy.

Demo Maximize productivity with construction drawings

Superior architectural drawing deliverables at cost-effective pricing.

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