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Precast Modeling and Detailing Services

Streamline Precast Projects with Coordinated 3D Models and Shop Drawings

Precast manufacturers, structural engineers and consultants often face challenges of precast concrete fabrication – tight deadlines, complex designs, and the need for error-free precast shop drawings and detailing. That’s where our precast modeling services make the difference. Our team of skilled engineers and detailers ensure precision and timely delivery, eliminating the common frustrations of errors and delays in precast detailing services in Revit.

With Hitech CADD Services, you gain a dedicated team with more than 25 years of experience that takes care of all your precast concrete detailing needs in Revit. You are sure of rigorous quality control processes, transparent communication, and strict adherence to precast concrete standards like ASTM C27, ASTM C39, ASTM C42, ASTM C46, EN 206-1, AS 3600-2009, and AS 3601-2009.Experience the difference of working with a trusted precast concrete structures modeling services partner dedicated to your success.

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Our Precast Modeling and Detailing Service offerings

Our success stories for Precast Modeling and Detailing

Coordinated Precast Modeling for Better Project Results

Coordinated 3D models

Accurate and detailed 3D representations of precast concrete objects for geometry, dimensions, embed connections, and reinforcement.

Bills of Materials (BOMs)

Specify the exact quantities of precast materials including concrete mix specifications and reinforcement details.

Clash detection reports

Detailed reports generated from 3D model analysis to highlight conflicts between precast components and MEP systems.

Bar bending schedules

Detailed BBS to specify shape, size, length, and quality of reinforcement for precast members. These schedules are important for efficiency and precision of fabrication reinforcement.

Precast shop drawings

Precise fabrication drawings built for manufacturing needs including reinforcement layouts, dimensions, connection details, lifting points, and other fabrication instructions.

Erection drawings

Outline the placement and sequence of precast elements during assembly. It ensures accurate alignment, structural stability, and connections.

Connection design

Structural calculations verify the safety and strength of connections between precast objects and other structural elements.

Logistics & Transportation

In-depth plans outline the transportation and handover of precast elements on the construction site. It includes route planning, loading/unloading procedures, and sequencing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Precast Concrete Detailing Needs

  • Greater precision: Get accuracy and detail within precast design to minimize errors and foster seamless construction.
  • Higher efficiency: Streamline project timelines and mitigate cost delays with a quick TAT and seamless workflows.
  • Industry expertise: Get a dedicated team of precast professionals equipped with updated software and domain expertise.
  • Optimized costs: Reduce the need to hire in-house resources and cut infrastructure costs releasing overhead expenses.
  • Growth-driven: Focus on strategic initiatives by unburdening internal resources to drive your business forward.
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Sectors we cater to for Precast Concrete Detailing Services

Schools and Universities
Schools and Universities
Office buildings
Office buildings
Residential buildings
Residential buildings

FAQs related to Precast Modeling and Detailing Services

How can your BIM services improve my precast projects?

Our BIM services enhance project accuracy, coordination, and efficiency. By providing detailed and coordinated models, we help minimize errors, reduce rework, and streamline the construction process, leading to cost savings and timely project completion.

What software do you use for precast modeling and detailing?

We use industry-leading BIM software such as Autodesk Revit and other specialized tools to create accurate and detailed precast models and drawings.

Can you handle complex precast projects?

Yes, our team is experienced in handling complex precast projects of various scales and intricacies. We ensure that all elements are precisely modeled and detailed to meet project specifications and standards.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your precast models?

We ensure accuracy through rigorous quality control processes, including multiple review stages, clash detection, and coordination meetings with stakeholders. Our team is committed to delivering precise and reliable 3D precast models.

What information do you need from us to start a precast modeling project?

To begin, we need your project drawings, specifications, design intent documents, and any other relevant information. Clear communication and collaboration are essential to ensure we meet your project needs.

How do you handle changes and revisions in the project?

We manage changes through a structured revision process, updating the model and drawings accordingly. We maintain clear documentation and communicate changes promptly to all stakeholders to keep the project on track.

Can you integrate your precast models with other project models?

Yes, our BIM models are fully integrative and compatible with other project models, ensuring seamless coordination and collaboration across different trades and disciplines involved in the project.

Demo Streamline Your Precast Projects with Precision

Ensure accuracy and efficiency in every phase of your precast project with our expert modeling and detailing services.

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