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Demand Planning

Bridge the gap between inventory levels and sales with increased forecast accuracy and stock visibility.

Blocked working capital, stock pileups, stock outs or high inventory carrying costs are direct results of inefficient demand planning. We use a data-driven approach to demand forecast helping you enhance revenues and cut costs.

We collate historical and current data from multiple sources and apply complex forecast algorithms to deliver accurate demand predictions. Numerous external data points such as weather conditions, market trends etc. are factored in to increase prediction accuracy.

Our demand planning solutions enable manufacturers to:

  • Effectively manage fluctuating daily, weekly, and monthly demands
  • Accurately plan production, workforce, warehousing and shipping logistics
  • Avoid overstocking and pre-empt stock-outs
Build an intelligent demand-driven supply chain →

Balance trends, sales and seasonality with accurate demand planning

Demand Forecasting
Demand Forecasting
Get a real picture of customer behaviour, spot demand related trends and risks, and solve forecast errors by generating accurate baseline forecasts reports.
Demand Sensing
Demand Sensing
Use pattern recognition and predictive analytics for short-term forecasting and sense any statistical change in demand at granular levels.

Build responsiveness and intelligence into your demand planning

Better Inventory Management

Avoid stock pileups resulting in increased carrying costs; minimize stock-outs and ensure sales funnels are well fed.

Better Inventory Management
High Forecast Accuracy

High Forecast Accuracy

Intelligent AI-driven algorithms factoring in multiple data points, drive accurate weekly, monthly and long-term forecasts.

Build Demand Adaptability

Use of what-if scenarios to modify forecasts in real time, plan for a range of possible demand situations and conditions.

Build Demand Adaptability
Optimize Costs

Optimize Costs

Reduce overall operating costs with better production scheduling, optimized freight costs, better workforce planning and reduced waste.

Demo Create a balance between forecasting and actual sales

Proactively manage inventory and logistics, and quickly respond to demand volatility.

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