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Customized Demand Planning Solution for FMCG Leader in the UK

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Customized Demand Planning Solution for FMCG Leader in the UK

Project Overview

Client Profile
Consumer goods company
United Kingdom
Forecast quantity vs. actual sales reports
Smart forecasting solution
python-r sql

Business Needs

The health, hygiene and nutrition products company failed to predict weekly and monthly demand accurately for each SKU.

They needed to:

  • Get real-time visibility and accurate status of stock level at various stores
  • Strengthen the forecast model that accounts for sales, trends and seasonality parameters
  • Ensure timely response to inventory optimization, procurement, and stock related concerns


A thorough review of their existing forecast model posed challenges like:

  • Low product data visibility to assist in accurate forecasts across product lines.
  • No mapping between customer databases, supply systems and marketing insights.
  • Legacy system that couldn’t cope up with fluctuating demand patterns in different markets.
  • Difficulties to meet product standards and stocks due to erroneous inventory data and inefficient analytical tools

Our Solutions & Approach

Delivered a customized demand forecasting solution to integrate supply chain from raw material procurement, product availability, management and operations for all SKUs across locations.

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With analytical insights to enhance their existing data models, it helped in accurate monitoring of stock levels and meet fluctuating future demands.

  • A team of Hitech data scientists analyzed the client’s existing algorithms and understood the exact pain points and needs of various stakeholders.
  • Identified the loops in the algorithmic data and implemented right course-correction approach. For example, used data cross validation and feature selection to bring more value to the weekly and monthly forecasts.
  • Used data pre-processing techniques to pace up existing databases, applied classical time series algorithms to enhance forecast accuracy.
  • Helped with automated forecasting support and seamlessly manage SKU-level forecast for multiple stores.
  • Owing to the success of the model in the USA market for several months, the model was deployed for different markets like UK, France, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

Business Impact

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