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BIM Services

Assess and visualize building constructability before commencing the construction process with BIM services.

BIM modeling services usher in digital transformation through increased collaboration, better scheduling, planning and cost estimation driving higher ROI and profitability.

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Digitalize building processes across construction lifecycle with Revit BIM services

Our BIM experts engage with contractors, architects, designers, builders and other industry stakeholders to deliver information-rich customized Revit® BIM models across LOD levels 100 to 500. Having successfully delivered 1000+ BIM projects, Hitech CADD Services has established itself as a leading BIM service provider company for clients across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Our BIM modeling services deliver value for money

Ease project collaboration
and construction data integration with BIM services

Architectural, structural and MEP coordinated BIM models of a hospital building helped visualization at pre-construction stage, detect interdisciplinary clashes, assess risks and implement remedial measures. The data-rich 3D BIM models saved the client 30 to 35% of total budget.
Construction Firm, California, USA
3D Architectural BIM Model

Benefits of our BIM Services

Pre-construction project visualization eliminates risks
Eliminates risks
Enhanced collaboration across disciplines increases project efficiency
Increases project efficiency
Real time visibility helps detect and resolve timeline and design clashes
Resolves interdisciplinary clashes
Reduced reworks due to better coordination saves time and money
Reduces construction rework
Accurate scheduling and sequencing keeps projects on track and within budget
On time and within budget
Visual risk analysis ensures safer construction
Safer construction environment

Our multidisciplinary BIM Services includes:

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Stay on-time and within budget and implement risk free construction with BIM services.

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