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Level of Development (LOD)

Level of Development
Articulate building designs with high level of clarity and communication as per AIA standards to enhance communication.

Our BIM specialists develop building and infrastructure design models with varying level of design detailing ranging from high to low, that adheres to AIA standards of LOD 100 to LOD 500. According to contractors, engineers, or architects need, we develop basic 3D model to as-built models according to their usage. We help contractors to reduce their on-site liabilities, materials waste, manpower and time consumed through effective construction management across the project tenure, through our LOD BIM models.

Level of Development

Our LOD services assist the engineers, architects, contractors and construction firms across enlisted industries:

  • Residential, commercial and industrial building construction
  • Educational and institutional campus construction
  • Healthcare construction
  • Recreational constructions such as parks, hotels and resorts, etc.
  • Infrastructure development such as dams, tunnels etc.
  • Transportation industry that includes railways, tunnels etc.

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