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BIM MEP Modeling for a University Hospital Building, Saudi Arabia

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Project Overview

Client Profile
Project Management Solutions Firm
Saudi Arabia
Healthcare Construction
2D Drawings
Coordinated 3D BIM Model
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Business Needs

A project management solutions firm from Saudi Arabia needed to develop a coordinated BIM model for a University Hospital Building. They needed an accurate coordinated 3D BIM model in LOD 500 that would enable them to attain better ROIs with scheduling.


  • Onsite construction had already begun when the project was outsourced to Hitech CADD Services.
  • BIM modeling had to be performed during facilities operation and management for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines.
  • Interdisciplinary clashes had to be eliminated, schedules had to be prepared and material take off had to be calculated during ongoing onsite construction.

Our Solutions & Approach

Developed clash-free 3D BIM model in LOD 500 to help streamlined construction activities.

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  • Our team of BIM and MEP engineers developed a fully coordinated 3D BIM model with LOD 500 and AIA standards using Revit and Navisworks.
  • With offshore and onshore resource allocation, our team could facilitate faster collaboration and meet deadlines.
  • Accurate BIM geometry, documentation and as-built BIM information required for Operation, Maintenance and Facilities Management was documented as well.
  • Interdisciplinary clashes were detected and resolved using Navisworks to mitigate risks and rework.
  • Higher collaboration was enabled through accurate material take-off’s and construction scheduling using Navisworks.

Business Impact

Project Samples

LOD 500 Modeling in Revit
LOD 500 Modeling in Revit
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