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Digital Manufacturing Solutions

End-to-end digitization of manufacturing value chain for increased operational efficiency

Smart and data-backed business decisions driven by connected assets and enhanced visibility

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Enable excellence across your manufacturing value chain. Digitally.

Staying relevant in an extremely competitive market requires manufacturers to respond quickly to disruptive trends, find new revenue streams, deliver innovative products and meet operational challenges.

Adopting digital solutions across functions – from forecasting and designing to production and managing supply chains – helps you experience higher productivity and profitability and gain scalability across the value chain. Hitech’s extensive expertise and domain experience drive value on every dollar invested. Utilizing new technologies, we fuel intelligence and speed across manufacturing operations and functions.

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Simplify complex manufacturing challenges with smart digital solutions

Manufacturing Intelligence


Data-driven shop floor, powered by ML and AI, for real time visibility into every machine, people or process across your plant.

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Demand Planning

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Digitally integrate your supply chain from procurement, inventory to production and logistics to optimize inventory levels.

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Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management

Collect data in real-time from IoT-enabled sensors to monitor equipment health and get timely alerts for machine failure.

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Interactive Dashboard

Intutive & Interactive Dashboards

Drive macro and granular insights across metrics and functions with visually attractive and intelligent dashboards.

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Trusted by global manufacturers to transform their operations

Gain a competitive edge with a digitized manufacturing ecosystem

Reduce production bottlenecks
Reduce production bottlenecks
Drive higher productivity
Drive higher productivity
Enhance supply chain efficiencies
Enhance supply chain efficiencies
Improve demand responsiveness
Improve demand responsiveness
Enable real-time visualization
Enable real-time visualization
Demo Digitize your entire manufacturing value chain

Unleash the power of data and technology to drive operational excellence.

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