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Interactive dashboards improved OEE for a global drug manufacturing company, India

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Interactive dashboards improved OEE for a global drug manufacturing company, India

Project Overview

Client Profile
Drug Manufacturing Company
Machine Performance and Equipment Efficiency Reports
Interactive and easy to use dashboard

Business Needs

The global drug manufacturing company had multiple facilities spread across four continents. For a holistic and unified approach on equipment maintenance, they needed to:

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) across the manufacturing plant
  • Gather and analyze equipment efficiency data with macro to granular view
  • Get updated and real-time information for all stakeholders


  • Heavy dependency on manual personnel and processes
  • Massive volume of unstructured and siloed machine performance data at plant level
  • Inconsistent data management infrastructure due to frequent breakdowns and low equipment efficiencies.

Our Solutions & Approach

Created an easy to understand and scalable dashboard for real-time shop floor data that helps users to monitor processes, order status and minimize plant failures.

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The project team defined and formulated the metrics across the manufacturing plant for ownership, threshold for usage and preferred visualization.

  • Defined KPIs for OEE, machine utilization, downtime, capacity, MTTR, MTBF, etc.
  • Gathered, integrated and structured data from various data sources and machines like ERP, PLC, SCADA etc. into a centralized database.
  • Prepared and deployed an intuitive and interactive dashboard for real time visibility of effective equipment efficiency and deliver actionable insights for data-driven decisions.

Business Impact

Project Samples

Plant Process KPI Monitoring
Plant Process KPI Monitoring
Equipment KPI Monitoring
Equipment KPI Monitoring
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