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Point Cloud to BIM

Scan to BIM Modeling
Point Cloud to BIM Conversion
Point Cloud Modeling
We develop as-built 3D BIM models from laser surveyed data images and point cloud scan captured by drones to take informed decisions during retrofitting.

Our Scan to BIM services empowers construction firms, contractors and surveyors to undertake renovation projects of historic buildings with prior insights of the facility. Our BIM engineers examine millions of data points representing 3D coordinates of the topography and use surface reconstruction methods for converting point cloud to mesh.

We help structural and civil engineers, architects, contractors, surveyors and MEP consultants to examine the as-is facility condition and envision the changes needed for new design of refurbishment. Taking LiDAR scanned data as input; we generate information-rich intelligent Revit BIM 3D models to conceptualize high definition scanned data and restore the design intelligence embedded within.

We leverage plugins like Recap and Leica CloudWorx along with Revit to help engineers and managers for facility management, retrofitting, building extension or modification, and demolition purpose. Our point cloud modeling and BIM conversion experts are capable of handling large survey scanned data sets to develop Revit models of educational buildings, institutional buildings and other old construction.

Our point cloud to BIM services include:

  • 2D floor plans, elevation and sections from scanned data
  • 3D BIM Models from 3D point cloud captured by a drone
  • 3D surface reconstruction from point cloud/unorganized points
  • Redesigning for retrofitting the existing building
  • BOMs and RFI generation to initiate the refurbishment task
  • Scan to BIM solutions and 3D model development
  • Creating information rich BIM-ready 3D models for architectural, structural and MEP requirements from point cloud data

Our point cloud to BIM services cater to all the major AEC industry professionals including builders, surveyors, architects, structural engineers and MEP contractors.

We help them build intelligent engineering design models in as-built conditions from point cloud data for building elements such as columns, beams, walls, slabs, claddings, roofs, pipes and ducts, MEP fixtures, etc. across the facility. Such BIM-ready models help professionals take informed decisions for maintenance, retrofitting and replacements.

Contact us today for your queries regarding point cloud to BIM services.

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