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Point Cloud to BIM

Creating intelligent 3D BIM workflows and information-rich models from laser surveyed data images and point could capture by drones.

We help construction firms, chief contractors and surveyors to manage and imagine their data through a 3D BIM platform. Our BIM specialists compile the data from millions of point by converting them to BIM models to set up engineering and construction intelligence workflow.

We deliver consistent data structure with BIM models as per standards and guidelines for verification and execution of construction plans. We help architects and engineers envision the changes in plans and design changes needed to be done for retrofitting projects through our Scan to BIM services.

Our point cloud to BIM services include:

  • 2D floor plans, elevation and sections from scanned data
  • 3D BIM Models from 3D point cloud captured by a drone
  • 3D surface reconstruction from point cloud/unorganized points
  • Redesigning for retrofitting the existing building
  • BOMs and RFI generation to initiate the refurbishment task
  • Scan to BIM solutions and 3D model development
  • Creating information rich BIM-ready 3D models for architectural, structural and MEP requirements from point cloud data

Point Cloud to BIM Case Studies

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