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Point Cloud to BIM Services

Execute renovation projects quicker with point cloud to BIM modeling services.

When complex or heritage buildings need to be renovated or remodeled, point cloud to BIM technology captures precise geometry to create an actual replication of the existing structure. We analyze millions of data points in 3D space and convert point cloud data to accurate Revit® As-Built 3D models with tolerance up to 5mm.

Our point cloud to BIM services experts create information-rich 3D Revit BIM models to assist building surveyors, laser scanning companies, architects, MEP contractors and engineers to gain detailed building data for various elements such as beams, walls, pipes, ducts, roofs, ceilings columns etc.

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Our Point Cloud to BIM Service offerings

Our end to end point cloud to BIM services (aka Scan to BIM) include point cloud conversion for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. We understand your scan to BIM project needs and offer workflows to deliver design intelligence, improved material quantity consumption, labor costs, and true renovation timelines. With complete virtual digital visualization and collaboration, our BIM services experts help you save costs and time and enable you to make informed decisions for your scan to BIM projects.

  • Converting images and scans to coordinated as-built 3D models for architectural, structural & MEP trades.
  • Procuring accurate BOMs and RFI’s for precise material procurement and logistics.
  • Creating as-built models for plan, elevation and sectional drawings of buildings.
  • Providing Facility management options in IFC and COBie formats.
  • Generating accurate 2D floor plans, elevations, and sections from point cloud or scanned data with Revit 3D modeling.
  • Generating Revit families for quick design data management and retrieval.
  • Validating constructability or construction progress against actual design.
  • Extracting accurate project schedules & costs from BIM models.

Our Point Cloud to BIM / Scan to BIM success stories

Point Cloud to BIM

Advantages of Converting Point Cloud to 3D BIM Models

  • Enhanced spatial analysis
  • Mitigated design risks
  • Better time and estimation analysis
  • Precise space management
  • Enriched project visualization
  • Accurate material procurement
  • Ease of design alterations
  • Reduced rework and material wastage

Our working delivery model for Point Cloud to BIM

Input from Customers:

  • Laser scans/Laser scanned data
  • Site pictures
  • 2D sketches and drawings

Scan to BIM Deliverables:

  • Scan to BIM 3D models at required LOD
  • As-built drawings and documentation
  • As-built elevation and plan view drawings

Why Outsource Point Cloud to BIM Services to us

  • Enhanced visualization

    Fine-tuned renovation design and streamlined delivery based on precise 3D models.

  • Quality deliverables

    Coordinated, clash-free, and QC-checked point cloud to 3D BIM models.

  • Validate design

    Validate constructability and improve planning, design, and construction as per As-built models.

  • Precise space management

    Gain better insights into area geometry and space calculation with an information-packed 3D BIM model.

  • Faster turnaround

    Quick turnaround capabilities through BIM-based automation and workflows.

  • Information extraction

    Information-embedded building elements for greater model definition and depth.

  • Accurate As-Built documentation

    Improve project transparency and project planning for architecture, structure, MEPF, and clash detection.

  • Lower RFI’s and fabricate accurate BOQ’s

    Reduce RFI count, and build a rock-solid platform to measure and price building components and equipment.

Expertise in following types of Scan to BIM projects

Scan to BIM for Renovation, Refurbishment and Retrofit Buildings
Renovation, refurbishment and retrofit projects
Point Cloud to BIM for Heritage and Mixed-used Building
Heritage and mixed-used building projects
Laser Scan data to Revit for Residential and Commercial Buildings
Residential and commercial projects
Point Cloud to As-built Model for Building extension, demolition & maintenance projects
Building extension, demolition & maintenance projects
Scan to BIM Conversion Facility Management Projects
Facility management projects

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Demo Accurate & reliable Point Cloud to BIM Services

Enhance design options for your renovation projects with Scan to BIM models.

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