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Scan to BIM Conversion for a 16th Century Heritage Monument Building, UK

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Point Cloud to BIM Modeling for a 16th century heritage monument building, UK

Project Overview

Client Profile
Laser scanning service provider
AEC Industry (Building Information Modeling)
3D survey measurements, survey images
Scan to BIM conversion using Revit at LOD 400
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Business Needs

A laser scanning service company in the UK required a LOD 400 Revit BIM model for a 16th century heritage monument. A Revit 3D BIM model of the monument would enable them to perform immediate renovation, maintenance, and facilities management.


  • High-quality detailing of the building at LOD 400 for a large area spanning 580,000 sq. ft. within a couple of months.
  • Document and preserve architectural characteristics of the heritage monument.
  • Converting 200 GB of scanned point cloud data into a single Revit BIM model.

Our Solutions & Approach

Scan to BIM conversion using Revit at LOD 400 of the complete building as per pre-existing conditions.

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BIM Model at LOD 400
BIM Model at LOD 400
  • Our team of 8 BIM modelers at Hitech CADD Services began their work on scan to BIM conversion based on the scan data input.
  • Accurate modeling geometry was achieved based on well-established QA/QC workflows, checklists, model checking and Revit API plugins.
  • The team used Virtual Construction Modeling (VCM) to enable work process and documentation.
  • Parametric cross-sections and Revit families were created manually to develop building structures from scanned data.
  • Precision development of the building structure was achieved through parametric Revit families including rooftops, roof components, irregular geometry, etc.
  • Original scan data was used as a reference to model complex shapes, sizes, planes, extrusions, and curves.
  • Appropriate levels were designated, and building structure components like beams, joists, columns, etc. were built and set in the As-Built model.

Business Impact

The client was able to achieve a complete digitized and documented copy of the heritage building. The final 3D BIM model provided insights to calculate precise material quantity and consumption, manpower costs, and accurate renovation timelines.

Project Samples

Scan to BIM Conversion
Scan to BIM Conversion
BIM Revit Model
BIM Revit Model
Point Cloud to Revit
Point Cloud to Revit
3D View
3D View
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