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Dynamo Automation for 3D BIM Model Creation for Housing Corporation, Europe

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Dynamo Automation for 3D BIM Model Creation for Housing Corporation, Europe

Project Overview

Client Profile
Architectural and engineering services company
Property Owners / Housing Corporation
2D drawings & notes
3D BIM models at LOD 200
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Business Needs

The architectural and engineering services firm required a digital inventory/portfolio for maintenance and management of 300 units of a housing corporation. Their specific needs included:

  • Creation of 300 BIM models in Revit at LOD 200
  • Each model had to be accompanied by 2D drawings façade views, floor plans, accurate BOQ’s
  • Data extraction from BIM models to real estate data sheets to upload to an online platform
  • GIS data of the building had to be linked with the BIM models


  • The 2D drawings received as inputs were of poor quality and inconsistent
  • Language barrier as accompanying notes were in the local language
  • Compliance with local regulations required continuous technical training
  • Scaling up/down resources to meet project needs

Our Solutions and Approach

Created digital property inventory of 300 BIM models using Dynamo automation with GIS linking and construction documents to facilitate building management & maintenance.

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The fast track approach used by the Hitech CADD Services leveraged Revit automation and resource ramp ups to achieve desired outcomes.

Final Deliverables in Dynamo
Final Deliverables in Dynamo
  • Assessment of 2D drawings and property data of 300 building units received as input.
  • A 3D BIM model was created of the first building as a prototype. This was accompanied by BOQs, façade views & floor plans.
  • This BIM model was validated against prescribed reference parameters using customized Revit APIs. The validation:
    • Gave a go ahead to models with 100% equivalence
    • Asked for new versions to be created while preserving key modeling elements in case of 70% equivalence
    • Rejected models and asked for rebuilding them in case of 50% equivalence
  • 300 BIM models were generated based on the validated initial model to create a comprehensive digital property inventory.
  • The property GIS data was linked to each of the 300 BIM models.
  • Customized Dynamo scripts automated repetitive tasks to speed up the process.
  • Property data was extracted from the 300 BIM models using Dynamo features and imported into real-estate data sheets to be kept as digital inventory for online upload.

Business Impact

Project Samples

Final Deliverables in Dynamo Parameter Test
Final Deliverables in Dynamo Parameter Test
Final Deliverables in Dynamo SOR Test
Final Deliverables in Dynamo SOR Test
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