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MEP Shop Drawings Services

Detailed MEP shop drawing services for quick and accurate fabrication and installation.

We realize the consequences of expensive rework leading to project delays and cost overruns. Our team of BIM experts create accurate and exhaustive coordinated MEP shop drawings and construction drawings for MEP designers, engineers and consultants, contractors, manufacturers and fabricators. We help you eliminate discrepancies and provide a clear line of sight by identifying deviations, recognizing installation details, making model and document comparisons, and enhancing MEP fabrication.

With 15+ years of onsite experience and over 300 complex MEP BIM projects successfully executed across 51 countries, our 30+ Revit® certified specialists draft precise coordinated shop drawings and MEP construction drawings for your MEP projects. You gain error-free MEP fabrication and installation. Our highly detailed MEP shop drawing deliverables with material specs, dimensions and workflows, serve as a benchmark to illustrate drawings, notes, schedules for improved construction efficiencies.

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Detect and resolve MEP challenges at pre-construction stage →

High-quality coordinated MEP shop drawings solutions

Assembly Drawings for Pre-fabrication & Installation
Assembly drawings for pre-fabrication & installation
Schematic Drawings to Basic 3D Modeling
Schematic drawings to basic 3D modeling
Advanced Revit MEP systems & component library creation
Advanced Revit MEP systems & component library creation
Customized BIM Layout/template for MEP design modeling
Customized BIM layout/template for MEP design modeling
Piping Spool Drawings for fabrication & installation
Piping spool drawings for fabrication & installation
BIM Compliance with global standard like Cobie, NBS, RIBA, ISO.
BIM compliance with standards like Cobie, NBS, RIBA, ISO

Our MEP prefabrication & MEP shop drawings success stories

Our MEP shop drawing and MEP construction drawing offerings

Mechanical or HVAC Drawings

  • Heating & Cooling Systems Layout
  • HVAC Duct Layout
  • HVAC Pipe Layout

Electrical Drawings

  • Electrical Riser Diagrams
  • Lighting Circuits Diagrams
  • Wiring and Cable Drawings
  • Electrical Panel Diagrams
  • Electrical Distribution Layouts
  • Cable Tray Layouts, etc.

Plumbing Drawings

  • Domestic Water Systems Layout
  • Drainage Water Piping Layout
  • Natural Gas Piping Systems Layout
  • Plumbing Shop Drawings
  • Water Distribution Plans and Diagrams
  • Piping Isometric Drawings & Sectional Drawings

Fire Protection Drawings

  • Fire Safety / Firefighting drawings: Fire protection Systems Layout indicating pattern of the placement of the fire hoses, points, water outlets, etc. in the fire protection plan and safety systems layout, etc.

Sustainable MEP drawings to ease construction workflows

Precise tracking of deviations

Accurate comparisons are made with original construction documents to identify and resolve deviations with architects, engineers, and fabricators.

Better fabrication insights

Precision fabrication requires a connected and coordinated interpretation of construction drawings and comparisons with MEP shop drawings.

Precise installation details

Identifying the right location to install MEP systems and components through connection diagrams and MEP 3D models mitigates time and cost overruns.

Clear-cut prefabrication

MEP coordinated & clash free MEP models with accurate geometry for MEP components like materials specs, dimensions & customized fabrication instructions.

Thorough site verification

Comparison of site conditions with significant MEP component dimensions before fabrication is illustrated in shop drawings.

MEP shop drawings ensure 100% accuracy & enhanced coordination

  • Better prefabrication quality of MEP systems

    A coordinated set of shop drawings with comprehensive information on HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems and duct-work layouts for seamless scheduling and installation.

  • Accurate installation location

    An accurate and comprehensive illustration of MEP components through coordinated drawings to assist contractors with precise onsite installation.

  • Improved building design with early clash resolution

    Identification and resolution of clashes at the pre-construction stage with precise data extraction from coordinated and clash-free MEP 3D models, improves the accuracy of shop and construction drawings.

  • Higher cost savings & improved schedules

    Clients can achieve extensive cost savings of over 50% and enhancements in production schedules of over 40% with well-coordinated drawings.

We offer MEP shop drawing services for various sectors

Residential Apartments
Residential & Commercial Buildings
Airport & Hospitals Facilities
Airport & Hospitals Facilities
Underground Infrastructural Utilities
Underground Infrastructural Utilities
Retail & Commercial Complexes
Retail & Commercial Complexes
Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions
Power Plants & Industrial Structures
Power Plants & Industrial Structures

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Demo Precise MEP shop drawings for smooth onsite installation

Improve building quality, efficiency, and productivity, with our top-notch MEP shop drawing services.

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