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Revit Family Creation

Customized parametric Revit family creation with 3D virtual models

Large-scale construction projects are costly and require high-quality 3D designs. Minimizing design time and eliminating inconsistencies through product customization ensures faster 3D product modeling with time and cost savings. We assist architects, engineers, designers, product manufacturers, contractors and MEP company to gain precise Revit® family creation services.

As a turnkey BIM service provider, we create and deliver information-rich 3D BIM models reinforced with smart and virtual 3D BIM objects. Our BIM content creation services include architectural, structural, MEP, and building system family creation to ensure quick and precise 3D modeling for building analysis, estimating, product catalogues and websites.

Revit Family Creation
Save time with 100% accuracy and customization →

Specialized and project specific Revit family creation services

We create virtual 3D BIM objects embedded with precise metadata including technical datasheets, warranty information, part number, and component literature for improved visualization and marketing. Our BIM modelers create parametric models and BIM content for various building products manufactures as per the manufacturers’ catalogue which can be retrieved, modified and used for building models. We also develop BIM content via Revit families for as-built models as per project specifications.

Our successfully delivered Revit family creation projects

Our Revit family creation services for high product precision

  • Customized architectural library creation services

    For doors, windows, caseworks, furniture, kitchen cabinets, walls decoration, partition, railing, ceilings, floors, louvers, grills, stairs etc.

  • Structural BIM Revit family creation

    For beams, columns, steel sections, structural connections, and stiffeners

  • Mechanical BIM Revit family creation

    Including HVAC, Pipes, Ducts, and Air Terminals

  • HVAC BIM Revit family creation

    Including fan coils, fire dampers, diffusers, and air handling units, HVAC ducts and equipment

  • Electrical BIM Revit family creation

    Including lighting fixtures, fire alarm devices, equipment, switches, sockets and transformers

  • Plumbing BIM Revit family creation

    For pumps, valves, fittings, sanitary fixtures, and other plumbing devices

  • Fire protection BIM Revit family creation

    Including sprinklers, fire extinguishers, valves, and cabinets

  • Specialty equipment

    Medical equipment, site components such as street lights, dustbins, benches

Our Revit family creation services cater to a wide range of customers

Furniture manufacturers
Furniture manufacturers
Plumbing equipment manufacturers
Plumbing equipment manufacturers
HVAC equipment manufacturers
HVAC equipment manufacturers
Lighting & fixtures manufacturers
Lighting & fixtures manufacturers
Building product manufacturers
Building product manufacturers

Benefits of our Revit family creation services

  • Minimize design time with automation and parameter adjustment as per project requirements
  • Eliminate design flaws to save money and time through design streamlining
  • Ease manufacturing and construction with accurate BIM dimensions and data-driven reports
  • Provide higher visualization and project presentation with organized and categorized design elements
  • Provision of all-round BIM content creation services for additional family creation requirements and post-handover assistance
  • Create a client- specific library that can be used for all future projects for prospective clients

Advantages of outsourcing your Revit family creation requirements

Our core competencies are backed by 75+ Revit certified professionals reinforced with 30+ years of rich industry experience. With over 51+ countries served, we provide best-in-class BIM content creation services for our global clientele.

  • Improved surface finish

    Data-driven 3D modeling infused with parametric capabilities leads to a high-quality BIM product.

  • Accurate scheduling and quantity takeoffs

    Information-rich Revit families integrated within the 3D model ensure precise scheduling and quantity takeoff

  • Quick project turnaround

    Resolve 3D model alterations quickly for faster TAT and manufacturing and installation usability.

  • Lower rework and optimized performance

    Reusable object libraries reduce rework and improve model performance and ROI.

  • Enhanced marketing with precise LOD

    Customized and detailed Revit family objects with LOD from 200 to 500 based on project and client requirements.

  • Extended model scalability

    Optimized model scalability based on 100% object accuracy of Revit Family components.

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