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BIM Consulting

Our consultants drive construction companies towards automation and analytical decision making by implementing BIM across organizations with BIM execution planning services.

As a leading BIM consulting firm from India, we partner with architects, general contractors, design engineers and EPC firms to train their resources, develop management strategies and efficient decision making by our BIM consulting services.

We automate integration of architectural, structural and MEP drawings, transformation of 2D drafts to data-rich 3D BIM models and construction process planning and management using macros and Revit APIs.

Our BIM managers and experts partner with your engineers, architects, consultants and manufacturers across various stages of building construction and infrastructure development projects using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) in Autodesk Revit BIM.

Our BIM consultants empower every stakeholder to accelerate growth with BIM analytics backed insights obtained from data driven designs and planning, across project lifecycles.

Service offerings for BIM consulting:

  • Expert insights for BIM resource learning and development
  • Knowledge sharing with BIM professionals for achieving excellence
  • Custom BIM solution with varying project nature as per geography
  • Organization wide BIM execution strategies for easy adoption
  • Develop engaging BIM-ready 3D models for higher interactivity
  • Capture data from drafts and develop 3D BIM models for multiple sources
  • Obtain solutions for challenges with BIM migration

We address the needs of virtual reality and augmented reality firms to help develop immersive 3d models and perceive the designs and construction scheduling plans, cost estimates, materials selection in real-time, and sustainability and facility management.

With an experience of 25+ years in BIM process delivery, we deliver unparalleled consulting insights and BIM solutions to contractors and construction companies in the USA, UK, EU, Australia and the Middle East. We lead delivery of BIM assistance services across industry verticals of aviation, roads and highways development, hospitality, recreational places and immense buildings including residential, commercial, skyscrapers, and industrial estates.

Contact us today for helping your firms grow with expert third party insights for BIM adoption.

BIM Consulting Case Studies

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