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3D BIM Modeling for a Large Hospital Building, Egypt

Project Information
Client Profile
Construction Company
Healthcare Construction
PDF files
Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM Models
Autodesk Revit
BIM Modeling
Client Challenges
  • The client needed to switch from CAD software to BIM in between the on-going project.
  • The input .PDF files shared by the client had missing project details.
  • The 2D drawings shared by the client had design coordination issues.

Business Needs

A leading construction company situated in Egypt needed to develop a highly accurate, detailed and coordinated BIM model for various disciplines such as Architectural, Structural and MEP at LOD 300. It had to be based on AIA (American Institute of Architects) standards.

Our Solutions and Approach

  • Our team of BIM modeling experts studied the initial PDF input files to transform these designs into Revit 3D geometry.
  • Highly accurate and detailed architectural and structural models were created with the integration of MEP element details in the 3D BIM model in Revit.
  • Our team completed the coordinated 3D BIM model earlier than the scheduled date, following multiple quality checks based on checklists and matrix and shared it with the client.

The Deliverables to the Client Included

  • An accurate and coordinated 3D BIM model developed in Revit based on AIA industry standards and LOD 300 as per client requirements.
3D Architectural BIM Model
3D Architectural BIM Model
MEP BIM Model in Revit
MEP BIM Model in Revit
LOD 300 Revit Modeling
LOD 300 Revit Modeling

Business Impact

3D CAD Model in Revit
3D CAD Model in Revit
3D Modeling in Revit
3D Modeling in Revit
CAD Rendering Model
CAD Rendering Model
3D Rendered Model
3D Rendered Model
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