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3D Precast Model with 5mm Clash Coordination for a Residential Project, UAE

BIM Modeling Case Studies
3D precast model with 5mm clash coordination and M60 concrete grade saves time and costs for a residential project in UAE

Project Overview

Client Profile
Precast manufacturer / contractor
UAE and India
Pre-cast manufacturing / concrete manufacturing
AutoCAD drawings, Excel and PDF files
3D model at LOD 450, Rebar shop drawings of concrete elements, BB.
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Business Needs

A precast manufacturer/contractor needed a coordinated 3D model at LOD 450 supported by accurate Rebar shop drawings of concrete elements and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) for a residential project in UAE. The business need included:

  • A clash-free and coordinated 3D BIM model with 5mm clash coordination for casting precast elements
  • Detailed BBS scheduling with exact length and quantity of BBS detailing, bending shape and angle with images, cutting shape in a three dimensional view
  • 3D model with unique element IDs, precise quantity estimates, accurate material schedules, BBS, etc. with enhanced visualization for precise precast element manufacturing and onsite installation.


  • The 2D drawings received as inputs were design development drawings which needed to be checked in a 3D model for any clashes or inconsistencies
  • Compliance with local regulations required continuous technical training
  • Constantly evolving design of each and every pre-cast element with respect to its nearby elements and overall structure
  • Scaling up/down resources to meet project needs

Our Solutions & Approach

Created clash free and coordinated 3D BIM model using Revit and BIM 360 for accurate precast element manufacturing and installation.

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Detail Bar Bending Schedule

Develop a completely collaborated and clash-free 3D model at LOD 450 with 5mm clash coordination on BIM 360 platform with:

  • Rebar Shop Drawings of concrete elements
  • RFI standardization for reduced scheduling errors of structural elements
  • Accurate schedule estimation, BOQs, BOMs, and Bar Bending Schedules(BBS) for quick material procurement and production


  • The team at Hitech CADD Services stepped in at a project phase which served as a parallel between the planning and design phase
  • A team of 25 senior BIM modelers and detailers with over 4 years of experience in structural modeling and detailing assessed the input AutoCAD drawings and PDF files including site and floor plans, building elevations and sections, and information regarding predesigned concrete of structural elements
  • The Object-Based Modeling phase supported the team and the client to incorporate quick and early design changes for model optimization
  • Clash coordination performed at this timeline of the project supported by collaboration led to improved timelines, better execution, and overall cost optimization
  • Individual Precast elements and the collective project was quality checked for standardization
  • Detailed BBS with precise length and quantity, shape bends, angles with images, and 3D views were generated
  • Implementation of preemptive project workflows reinforced with coordination led to quick issue resolution, faster element filtering, and accurate material quantity estimation based on the unique element ID assigned and the sequencing provided by Hitech CADD Services
Column Beam Slab Junction
Column Beam Junction

Business Impact

Project Samples

Building Perspective view
Building Image
Building Internal View
Staircase Reinforment
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