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Millwork Drafting for Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants
Hotels and restaurants architecture has become theme-based needing appropriate custom furniture designs and millwork drafting, and our CAD drafters are the economical and efficient choice.

We work in collaboration with millwork and furniture designers, architects and manufacturers to deliver manufacturing drawings for furniture designs that are in accordance with the restaurant’s subject. Our millwork CAD draftsmen study the architectural plans for multistory and condo hotels and restaurants and develop custom millwork shop drawings for guest room, lobby, bathroom, reception area, bars etc. using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Inventor as per the clients’ requirements.

Whatever be your need, refurbishment or new restaurant setup, our 100+ team of CAD drafters partnering with you onshore or offshore will ensure that the need for manufacturing as designed by developing precision drawings. We help you generate shop drawings and 3D models with surface finish, material selection – be it wood, laminates, plywood, timber, stainless steel or any other.

Our specialization in millwork for hotels and restaurants:

We have worked over 3000+ projects for development CAD shop drawings with a variety of restaurant and hotel builders and designers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the Middle East which gives us an edge to deliver quality.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • All types of doors: Hollow metal, wooden, barn, sliding etc.
  • Vanity systems for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Shower systems
  • Front/reception desks
  • Counters: POS, Display, Takeaway etc.
  • Tables: Coffee, Bakery, Bar, Dining etc.
  • Bench/Seating counters
  • Serving counters
  • Dipping cabinets
  • Booths and partitions
  • Knee walls
  • Banqueted seating
  • Trash bins

With a widespread experience, we have the right amalgamation of skillsets and technology infrastructure to address the precise need of every hotel or restaurants.

Contact us now and send your detail requirements to our millwork drafting experts.

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