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FEA Case Study

Structural FEA Analysis of Fifth Wheel Assembly for Heavy Transport Engineering, Australia

The Client
Heavy Transport Engineering, Australia

The Objective

To perform structural analysis on fifth wheel assembly and the interconnected frame structure, and also evaluate the structure’s overall strength against the stress development.

The Solution

The performance of the fifth wheel assembly coupled with the frame structure was analyzed through structural analysis, and the resulting stress and deformation values were found within the permissible range.

ANSYS Professional NLS 14.5


Engineering Solution

The fifth wheel assembly was virtually developed through CAD tools, in order to obtain precise results through structural analysis. Individual components as well as the entire assembly; including the connected frame structure was analyzed through the application of physical constraints and load values.

It was observed that the stress values were exceeding the permissible range, suggesting a design modification, in order to avoid deformation and failure.


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