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Top 5 Architectural BIM Companies to Outsource

Top 5 Architectural BIM Companies to Outsource
Architectural firms optimize BIM projects by outsourcing to experienced and well-equipped architectural BIM companies. Here are five well-researched and proven options for your architectural BIM outsourcing needs.

With the growth in design complexities, AEC companies are now increasingly turning to architectural BIM outsourcing services. The collaboration makes it easier to add experts and infrastructure to project workflows on the fly. Outsourcing BIM companies are often at the forefront of technologies and trends, and partnering with them also helps architectural firms stay updated and competitive.

So, staying informed about the top architectural BIM outsourcing companies is more than about planning simple external collaboration. The right architectural BIM service partner enables an architect firm to gain access to specialized skills, focus on core activities, get flexibility and scalability in operations and cost savings, helping to boost service delivery and client satisfaction. It also helps reduce design errors and mitigate risks in planning.

But with a multitude of companies offering architectural BIM services, it is difficult to identify the partner best aligned to your needs. That’s where we aim to help you by providing a quick overview of some top companies in architectural BIM outsourcing.

How we evaluated the architectural BIM companies for outsourcing

When outsourcing Building Information Modeling (BIM) services, architectural firms must partner with companies that understand not only their project’s technical requirements but also the significant impact of BIM on architectural construction projects. They must also respect their business goals, values, and timelines.

We focused on checking key areas, such as their proficiency with BIM technologies. We also checked their ability to work across different time zones and in multiple languages.

Finally, we checked their awards, reviews, and ratings to be sure of their market reputation.

Enhance your architectural designs by outsourcing to top BIM companies.


Top 5 architectural BIM companies to outsource

Here are the top 5 leading companies in the architectural BIM industry, who excel in delivering high-quality services, adopting innovation, and ensuring cost-efficiency.

ZENTEK Consultants, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, specializes in BIM services for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing industries in the USA and Canada.

With a team of dedicated professionals, ZenTek offers comprehensive solutions, ranging from developing BIM design standards to providing cloud-based sharing and distribution of BIM data. Their services extend to creating company LOD standards, model-based quantity takeoff, scheduling, clash detection, and more.

Their commitment to innovation and long-term client support has solidified their reputation as trusted technology partners in the AEC industry. ZenTek prides itself on being a trusted technology partner, offering end-to-end support, from software procurement to long-term staff training.

Franklin Ellis is an employee-owned architectural BIM firm founded in 1993 by David Franklin and Andrew Ellis. Based in Nottingham, UK, the company has over 30 architects, designers and technologists.

Their expertise in BIM services is a core part of their offerings. These include architectural modeling and ensuring detailed and accurate 3D models for construction. Their in-house architectural 3D visualization department produces photorealistic images and virtual reality visualizations.

Besides full modeling of buildings and sites, Franklin Ellis also offers survey model commissioning, model federation and clash detection, and EIRs and BEP drafting.

They leverage 100% cloud hosting for project models and drawings, enhancing collaboration and the ability to integrate advanced solutions.

Franklin Ellis has received numerous awards, including ProCon Leicestershire’s Regeneration Project of the Year and FBE East Midlands Awards for large residential projects.

Hitech CADD Services, the engineering arm of HitechDigital Solutions LLP, was established in 1992. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, with offices in the US and UK, the company boasts a workforce of 1,200+ professionals. Over 50 of them are Revit Architecture Certified professionals with 25+ years of experience delivering architectural BIM services globally.

Their services include architectural drafting, 3D BIM modeling, architectural 3D visualization, point cloud to BIM, BIM content creation, and construction document generation. They serve clients in the construction, building products, manufacturing, furniture, and plant design engineering sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs across 50+ countries. With a portfolio of 5,000+ executed projects, they cater to various sectors, including commercial and industrial buildings, healthcare, education, hotels, resorts, and historical monuments.

Hitech CADD Services has received excellent ratings and reviews, with a 5.0 rating on Revain and positive feedback on platforms like AmbitionBox and Techreviewer.

Unlock the power of BIM to maximize design efficiency.

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Founded in 2005 by Dimitar Battchiev, a licensed architect with practice in the USA and Bulgaria, DB Studio Ltd is based in Bulgaria.

The studio boasts a rich portfolio encompassing over 250 projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, town planning and interior design. Specializing in BIM outsourcing/consulting and Revit Production Help Services, DB Studio caters to architecture firms across the USA, UAE, and Europe, offering architectural and interior design solutions. With a deep understanding of Bulgarian building codes and laws, the studio excels in adapting foreign projects to local requirements, making it a go-to partner for foreign investors and architects.

DB Studio’s commitment to quality and its ability to navigate complex regulations have cemented its reputation as a trusted name in architecture and landscape design.

IDC International Design Consultancy, with over 30 years of industry and 20 years of outsourcing experience, is an architectural firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

With a dedicated team of 25 architects, IDC specializes in a comprehensive range of services tailored to the BIM and AEC industries, including architectural Revit modeling, drawing production, scan-to-BIM, digital twins, clash detection, model audits, and BIM execution plan audits, among others.

The consultancy adopts and implements BIM and digital services for large-scale international projects, offering strategic consulting for BIM adoption and architectural outsourcing. Catering to owners, contractors, and consultants both in Vietnam and internationally, IDC is committed to enhancing project efficiency and innovation.

Their commitment to quality and strategic insight is reflected in their ratings, with a 3.9 on Glassdoor and a 3.3 on Ambition Box, highlighting their reputable standing in the industry.


Construction stakeholders like architects, contractors and others leveraging BIM employ architectural BIM companies today to enhance their design capabilities, improve the overall quality of construction, and reduce project costs. Collaboration with reputable and reliable BIM companies can bring about substantial benefits, making the process more inclusive, productive and efficient for all stakeholders involved.

Choosing the right BIM partner is a serious decision that can significantly impact a company’s success. As the AEC industry continues to evolve, collaboration with reputable and reliable BIM companies is essential for achieving operational excellence, innovation, and efficiency.

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