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Connecting MS Access with Driveworks for Shutter Configuration, USA

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Connecting MS Access with Driveworks for Shutter Configuration, USA

Project Overview

Client Profile
Wooden Shutters and Louvers Manufacturer
Window and Door Manufacturing
Models, Drawings and Sales Sheet
Configurator with Preset Logical Design Rules
DriveWorks Logo

Business Needs

  • Automate data fetching from MS Access database to DriveWorks configurator.
  • Bring down the lead time for creating sales drawing files.
  • Automate the quoting process and email it to customers.
  • Populating configurator with other product variants currently unavailable.


  • Lengthy design configuration time due to higher number of SolidWorks models and assemblies.
  • Difficulties in executing each Query using MS Access.
  • Challenges in fetching data from different MS Access Data Tables and populating them in DriveWorks for each sales order number.
  • Manual mailing to customers for quotation and pricing documentation.

Our Solutions & Approach

Created rules and scripts to automatically fetch the data from MS Access database to DriveWorks configurator for custom windows and louver designs.

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When the US based manufacturer of millwork contacted us, their design team had already achieved major milestones in creating DriveWorks configurator. However, given the higher number of design variations for louvers, getting through the final outcome by automating the entire process the manufacturer needed a DriveWorks expert on board.

  • Our automation team analyzed their SolidWorks model and sales sheets to examine the process flow.
  • At client’s end was their resources fell short of utilizing the full capabilities of DriveWorks as they had separate model for every project.
  • It was also needed that the client should be able to continue using their current pricing calculation programmed in MS Access database for sales process on the front end as they didn’t want to revamp the whole pricing process.
  • Hitech automation experts started by examining the scripts and configurator rules developed by their design team to eliminate the configurator malfunctioning.
  • Our experts created and modified the design rules based on sales sheet and the master models to widen their use.
  • We installed DriveWorks Autopilot Live mode at the backend and used plugins to fetch data from MS Access database at frontend.
  • It allowed DriveWorks to keep a watch on MS Access database and any new entry found in the data table could be fetched directly for creating customer drawings, quotes and initiate creating them in SolidWorks.
  • We also generated coversheet and quotation document along with collected all the product drawings for any particular order to email it to the end customer.
MS Access Database for Sales Process
MS Access Database for Sales Process
MSAccess Database to DriveWorks Configurator
DriveWorks Configurators

Expertise of Hitech’s DriveWorks team’ allowed recreating the master models in a way that the client now could create a multiple product variant with one master model and drawings for which they used a separate model for different products. The team developed automation at three levels namely for CAD drawing, quoting and auto email setup.

Business Impact

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