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Recreated Error-Free DriveWorks Configurator for Explosion Protection Panel Manufacturer, Norway

Project Information
Client Profile
World Market Leader in Explosion Protection Panels
Sheet Metal Panel Manufacturing
Unfurnished DriveWorks Projects and 3D Models
DriveWorks Configurators
SolidWorks and DriveWorks
Design Automation
Client Challenges
  • Difficulties in arranging 3D Parts (Cable gland Plugs and Internal Components like Terminal blocks) in 3D preview
  • Unable to generate drawings for specific outputs corresponding to inputs parameters
  • Inaccurate power dissipation calculation
  • DIN Rail spacing and Earth bar issues

Business Needs

  • Develop and setup efficient product configurator for electrical junction enclosures.
  • Fix bugs in 3D preview, SolidWorks models, drawings etc. while automating.
  • Rework on design rules for effective configurator interactivity and automation.

Our Detailed Engineering Solution and Approach:

The safety equipment manufacturer was directed to Hitech by DriveWorks UK team while looking for a competent DriveWorks partner. The primary need for partnership was to accomplish configurator development for automating electrical junction box design originally initiated by another reseller who couldn’t clear off the roadblocks. Hitech automation experts carried out an in-depth study of the sales sheet and current overall implementation of the project to make improvements in configurator developed by previously hired DriveWorks reseller.

  • Our initial studies suggested that 3D preview was the center that needed modeling and programming furnishing to achieve higher functionality.
  • In order to create interactive 3D configurators, we improved model features to make them reactive in real-time based on selection made.
  • DriveWorks Experts also fixed disorientation challenges of cable gland plugs by reorganizing their spaces which resolved improper 3D preview.
  • The existing configurator rules didn’t display internal components creating chaos to the sales personal on frontend which was fixed by redesigning the rules.
  • Furthermore, the Hitech engineers also recalculated power dissipation and recreated models with unusual cut-outs for enclosure body.

Safety equipment manufacturer was able to setup configurator for his sales team without any snags in the models, drawings, 3D previews or any output for any given selection made by the user.

Driveworks Configurators
DriveWorks Configurators
Product Configurator for Electrical Junction Enclosures
Created Error-free Configurator
Recreated error free DriveWorks Configurator
Product Configurator for Electrical Enclosures

Business Impact

Electrical Enclosure
Actual Product of Electrical Panel Cabinet
Electrical Junction Enclosures
Actual Product of Electrical Junction Box
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