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Excel based SolidWorks Configurator for Custom Door and Frame Design, Australia

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Automated Door Design Customization

Project Overview

Client Profile
Doors and Frames Manufacturer
Sheet Metal Building Products Manufacturing
Custom design needs and database
2D drawings PDFs, DXFs, Bill of Materials (BoMs)
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Business Needs

Develop a tool to automate the door design customization by sales teams or by the customer when design specifications are defined.


  • 30-35 customized product designs each having numerous variants causing hassle during design customization
  • Difficulties in managing data-base of input/output design and drawings
  • Time consuming and error-prone repetitive tasks

Our Solutions & Approach

Created MS Excel spreadsheet with VBA scripts to automatically generate standard files, parts, assemblies, drawings, DXF files, BOMs, etc.

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Owing to our strong pre-existing portfolio in the domain, Australia based manufacturing firm approached Hitech teams to develop an automation tool and reduce design cycle time. Automation team working on the project initially studied the SolidWorks models and drawings shared by the client to identify the scope for automation.

  • Primary investigation led the project team to advice manufacturer to create an Excel based configurator for implementing automation at various stages of design and modelling.
  • The user can enter custom specifications in the master Excel sheet which is in turn connected to SolidWorks with VBA API.
  • All the design specifications received from the end-user will be fetched from the CAD library and opened in SolidWorks.
  • User only needs to select the product number and enter data in Excel rows such as require dimensions, end client data, project name, option for generate DXFs and Revisions etc.
  • The final output of assembly models with all technical documents will be created from the master models based on input design specifications.
Excel based SolidWorks Configurator
Excel based SolidWorks Configurator

At the end of project duration a structured MS Excel spreadsheet with VBA scripts were shared with the client capable to automatically generate standard files, parts, assemblies, drawings, DXF files, BOMs, etc.

Business Impact

Project Samples

Design Specifications Received from the CAD Library
Design Specifications Received from the CAD Library
Automated Door Design Customization
Automated Door Design Customization
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