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Vanity Configurator using Inventor iLogic for Doors & Vanity Manufacturer, USA

Design Automation Case Studies
Developed Product Configurator using Inventor iLogic for Vanity Manufacturer, USA

Project Overview

Client Profile
Doors and Vanity Manufacturer
Hospitality Building Products Manufacturing
Primary CAD drawings for doors, vanities, etc.
Interactive online product configurator
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Business Needs

In order to address customer inquiries faster and create error-free custom manufacturing drawings, the USA based manufacturer of doors and vanities needed to eliminate repetitive design tasks.

The manufacturer aimed to generate accurate quotes by streamlined and quick approvals of customization attributes for every sales order.


  • Difficulties in managing mass arrival of drawing updates and customization
  • Due to the lengthy drawing development process and repetitive tasks, design engineers had little time for R&D and innovation
  • Longer delivery times of finalized products due to high customization in designs and material

Our Solutions & Approach

Developed product configurator using Inventor iLogic and Configurator 360 to automatically generate part files, 2D Drawings, BOMs & 3D images.

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Design automation experts at Hitech studied the entire process workflow from customer inputs at POS to manufacturing stage to understand internal request flow (IRF). Based on the study, the automation engineers advised the door and vanities manufacturer to implement CAD configurator owing to higher configuration and develop quick sales to engineering cycle.

  • Automation engineers carried out the feasibility study to identify design parameters that can be automated using configurators
  • Logical rules were developed and applied to automatically generate part files, 2D Drawings, and BOMs along with 3D images
  • Using Configurator 360, an interactive online platform was created to let the customers customize the doors and vanity systems
  • It leads to the creation of accurate and immediate sales quotes with delivery dates, enable downloading images and drawings which could be downloaded or shared over email 
Wood Base Vanity Unit Configurator
Wood Base Vanity Unit Configurator
Vanity Unit Configurator
Vanity Unit Configurator

Business Impact

The total engineering lead time for the manufacturer was reduced from 3-5 days to one hour that lead to higher production units and more profitability. The configurator allowed only permissible design values which reduced the number of iterations and quality checks into one single stage with 100 percent accuracy.

End customer had better sales experience with self-configuration and access to IGES models, STEP files and Inventor, TIFF, JPEGS, etc. through configurator platform across the cycle.

Project Samples

CAD Configurator for Vanity System
CAD Configurator for Vanity System
Vanity System Configurator
Vanity System Configurator
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