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Generated hydraulic hose configurator with DriveWorks, Australia

Project information
Client Profile
Custom Hydraulics Equipment Manufacturer
Victoria, Australia
Industrial equipment for fluid conveying manufacturing
Native CAD models for hydraulic hoses
Configurator using DriveWorks Pro
SolidWorks & DriveWorks and Live
Design Automation
Client Challenges:
  • Refurbish the unabridged end-to-end process from scratch
  • High design cycle times and volume of errors due to manual customization
  • Redo traditional processes of custom drawings creation
  • Constant risk of losing customers due long wait period for getting quotes

Our detailed engineering solution to client:

Hitech automation experts assessed the conventional modus operandi adopted by the client right from order receipt to manufacturing which was highly time-consuming. We leveraged our extensive experience and suggested the clients to eliminate repetitive tasks by automating designs by implementing DriveWorks Pro that reduced inquiry response time and uplift sales experience using DriveWorks Live.

The client was able to eliminate manual process of QCs and overall cycle time by 95%. Also, the client could dedicate resulting saved time for development and design improvements.

Quote Generation
Hydraulic Hose Configurator with DriveWorks
Hydraulic Hose Configurator
Hose Design Customization
Order Placement
Configurator using DriveWorks
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