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Pressure Tank Configurator using DriveWorks, US

Project information
Client Profile
Design Expert of all types of Pressure Vessels & accessories
United States
Process Industry
Design queries and basic pressure vessel designs
DriveWorks Configurator for pressure vessel
SolidWorks & DriveWorks
Design Automation
Client Challenges:
  • Time consuming designing development cycle.
  • Inaccurate and lengthy quotation process due to higher customization.
  • A constant fear of losing orders due unnecessarily elongated engineering lead times.
  • Incorporating maximum possible options in the master model to reduce the designing time.

Business Needs

The client wanted to develop a Tank Configurator, remove the current time consuming manual practice of designing the model as well as decrease quotation time. They needed to develop an interactive Configurator, which was user friendly as well as having all the possible options available according to their needs.

Our Solutions and Approach:

Design Automation engineers at Hitech understood the need to fasten the process of custom model creation of the pressure vessel and its accessories. After analyzing the need based designing of custom tanks, Hitech Design Automation Experts suggested to develop base frame models in SolidWorks and implement DriveWorks and automate the custom tank modeling and reduce time.

  • Project team developed master models of the process tanks and captured all major design features/specifications were captured to facilitate customization at later stages.
  • The sole focus of the team was to eliminate time delays and enable generating a range of different pressure vessel designs as per ASME standards.
  • DriveWorks Configurator allowed the customers to select custom accessories, mountings and features of the tank while providing accurate and instant quotes.
  • Once the final design was configured, screen would display BOM documents and a copy of it would be emailed to the client which will be validated only after their confirmation.
  • Validation would initiate the manufacturing order by sending manufacturing drawings to shop floor as per the selected configuration.

Business Impact

Automating the entire process helped the client save time in accurate quoting and designing of manufacturing drawings. The client found an opportunity to offer more customization to his customers and improve on the quality and quantity of final deliverables due to reduced error ratio.

CAD Configurator for Pressure Vessel Design Automation of Pressure Vessels Accessories Product Configurator for Pressure Tank
CAD Modeling Drafting for Pressure Vessels Accessories
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