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BOM Configurator using DriveWorks for Aircraft Seating Area, USA

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BOM configurator using DriveWorks

Project Overview

Client Profile
Aircraft Interior Manufacturer
Aviation Industry
Design Inputs & ERP Data
Seating arrangement BOM Configurator
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Business Needs

  • Reduction of lead time and generating accurate BOM
  • Managing design data for existing and new components
  • Automate data fetching from multiple different systems


  • Data stored on server in excel file allows access to a single user
  • Generating BOM is difficult when there is manual data fetching
  • Manually configured BOMs will always have inaccuracies and is time consuming

Our Solutions & Approach

Developed BOM configurator using DriveWorks for automatically generating BOMs quotes and more configuration for large seating area.

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Manufacturer shared the inaccuracies caused in their current practices of using excel files on server and manual methods to fetch the data from ERP systems. Our design automation experts suggested implementing DriveWorks and integrating it with ERP systems that can fetch data automatically with SQL database.

  • The major challenge at client’s end was to sort and filter data without errors from ERP and Excel spreadsheets manually
  • Design automation experts understood the design needs and individual part and component data to develop architecture for storing information SQL database – high storage data sets – which can be read by DriveWorks
  • It led to automatic information fetching by integrating with ERP for creating BOMs, quotes and sharing with inter-divisions including shop floor for internal flow requests
  • We also created dashboards for different teams to work on Top Down approach as well as to see visibility of order status or progress in different departments including sales, planning, engineering and manufacturing shops 
BOM Configurator for Aircraft Seating
BOM Configurator for Aircraft Seating

By automating the entire process using SQL and DriveWorks, human intervention were eliminated which lead to higher consistencies and more configuration for large seating area. The client could manufacture through a streamlined process for any configured custom request with higher security and reduced time.

Business Impact

Project Samples

BOM Configurator using DriveWorks
BOM Configurator using DriveWorks
DriveWorks Integrating with ERP Systems
DriveWorks Integrating with ERP Systems
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