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Designing Online Configurator for SS Furniture Manufacturer, UK

Project information
Client Profile
Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Furniture
United Kingdom
Hospitality & Restaurant
CAD drawings for SS tables, details of floor space availability, material etc.
Online Configurator with DriveWorks Live
SolidWorks & DriveWorks
Design Automation
Client Challenges:
  • Devise a database with larger storage space and is cost effective.
  • Generate and embed online configurator in a user-friendly manner for customers.
  • Provide secure quotes and design details allowing limited access with revisit options.

Our Detailed Engineering Solution to Client:

Stainless Steel furniture manufacturer from UK was venturing into mass customization of food preparation tables. In order to facilitate better buying and configuring experience for customers, the manufacturer needed to develop an online configurator. Hitech Specialists devised a database in DriveWorks and integrated design intelligence for configurator development using DriveWorks Live.


Our design automation teams, thus, developed DriveWorks database that eliminated using external database and reduced the costs as well as errors. The client was also able to offer security of designs and sales details to his customers.

CAD Drawings for Stainless Steel Table
Configurator Development using DriveWorks
Online Configurator for SS Furniture
3D CAD Models for Stainless Steel Table
Sales Quotes and Documentation
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