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Product Configurator Development

Configuring products should not be tedious

We develop online product configurator to be embedded on your websites or sales portal to empower your sales team and customers configure the products as per their needs. Our design automation experts develop base frame models in CAD which can be used for mass customization without compromising on profits.

You get to cut down the design customization time and expedite manufacturing with automatically created manufacturing drawings and sales quotes.

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Customize Product Easier

Explore how our product configurators have helped our customers

Seamless sales-to-manufacturing journey for bespoke designs

We understand that manufacturing bespoke products can be costly for you. But your competitors are winning if all that you sell is same set of products as they do. This is exactly what our product configurator developers eliminate for you. We set up configurator to ease customization options at sales and create an automated manufacturing drawing creation and 3D model for customers.

We help you achieve automatic pricing and speeding up order processing by assisting you to adopt order processing for all your bespoke design needs.

  • Develop project plan, risk assessment, and designs specs
  • Create predefined options for customization
  • Generate logical rule-based scripts
  • Implementation of configurator
  • Develop, run and transfer source code
  • Custom BOMs development
  • Product design with change management capabilities
  • Increase ROIs of sales process

How you will benefit with our product configurator

Accelerated engineering lead time

You are empowered to cut down the time in repetitive tasks and accelerate engineering lead time spent on every new order.

Accelerated engineering lead time
Address customer queries faster

Address customer queries faster

When businesses are becoming customer centric, you can leverage the idea to respond them quickly and enhance their sales experience.

Faster design development cycle

With rule-based engine in product configurator, your design engineers can save design development by only allowing permissible design values.

Faster design development cycle
Accurate and immediate sales quotes

Accurate and immediate sales quotes

Keep your teams on track with the scheduled delivery dates by offering a 100% accurate and immediate sales quotes to customers when they place an order.

Reduce lost sales opportunities

When you preset the design customization catalogues, you reduce the chances of manufacturing order beyond capabilities and every sales lead becomes an opportunity.

Reduce lost sales opportunities

Industries we engage with

Industrial equipment
Building products
Furniture products
Shop fittings
Commercial products
Oil & Gas equipment
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Let our product configurator help you leverage it with no compromise on profit margins.

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