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Product Configurator Development

Product Configurator Development
Customer demands vary hugely which cannot be fulfilled by standard products. Manufacturing companies need to realize the degree of customization needed to remain profitable and establish a competitive strategy.

We help you develop baseline design models and drawings in CAD which can then be modified as per the client’s specifications during sales using a product configurator; suitable for mass customization. Finished designs with bulk customization can then be sent to your company’s manufacturing shop floor the same day as order placement. Whether it is a door or window design, custom furniture sets, pressure tank, storage tank, or any other industrial/mechanical equipment; our design engineers enable the custom manufacturing of your product with bespoke designs in large volumes.

Door Configurator for Hollow Metal Door Manufacturer using DriveWorks

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How do we help for product configurator development?

We enable seamless transition of un-configured products bought off the shelf to bespoke designs as per manufacturing company’s tooling capacity. Our expertise in development of custom designs for architectural and commercial metal hollow doors, wooden and metal furniture for commercial and institutional use and much more empowers us to serve a diversity of manufacturers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Develop project plan, risk assessment, and designs specs
  • Create predefined options for customization
  • Generate logical rule-based scripts
  • Implementation of configurator
    • Develop, run and transfer source code
    • Custom BOMs development
    • Product design with change management capabilities
    • Increase ROIs of sales process

Explore our work: BOM configurator using DriveWorks for Aircraft Interior Manufacturer, USA

Our partnership with you will be focused to empower you to close more sales opportunities by providing accurate sales quotes, and quick response to enquiries. We help you achieve automatic pricing and speeding up order processing by assisting you to adopt order processing for all your bespoke design needs.

Why should you adopt product configurator?

Simple answer is the easier it is for your customers to visualize their products according to their needs, the easier it is for you to make sales. Product configurator does it accurately in a 3D environment especially for mass customization business, helps you cut down the design time for custom product.

Benefits of product configurator:

  • Drastically reduce engineering lead time
  • Enable responding to potential customer faster and accurately
  • Speed up design development cycle
  • Accurate and quick sales quotes
  • Meet scheduled delivery dates
  • Reduce loss of sales opportunities

Contact us to eliminate your challenges in product configurator development or implementation.

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