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Pig Configurator for Oil and Gas Pipeline Cleaning, Maintenance & Testing, USA

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Configurator for Oil and Gas Pipeline Cleaning Pig

Project Overview

Client Profile
Design and manufacturer of products for pipeline cleaning, maintenance & testing
United States
Oil and Gas
Pipe details, material etc. needed to models the Pigs
3D CAD models, 2D drawings with BOMs for sales and production of Pig
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Business Needs

  • Create models and drawings for manufacturing of various types of Pigs
  • Ensure the sales of Pig is smooth with configured specifications using CAD configurator
  • Automate the variety of Pig designs to shorten the design cycle time
  • Model the spare attachments on Pig in SolidWorks and add them to Configurator


  • Designing custom varieties of Pig for piping in oil and gas as per the pipe geometry
  • Model the Pig models with non-linear design complexity to enable design automation
  • Smartly modeling the spares such as brush, spacer disc, bolting sets etc. for selection list in configurator

Our Solutions & Approach

Developed Pig configurator that delivered custom manufacturing drawings and BOMs for shop floor needs.

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Client shared the needs for pipe cleaning equipment, types of Pig and brush drives, to be modeled and automate the designs to save time and costs. Based on it, the project team at Hitech, developed SolidWorks base frame models of parts and automate those using DriveWorks. Final CAD configurator was developed which delivered custom manufacturing drawings and BOMs for shop floor needs.

  • Only basic design intelligence was incorporated in parent SolidWorks models so that all the other customized designs could be automated
  • DriveWorks specialist captured the design intelligence and established equations amongst the dependent models for critical design knowledge and implemented design automation
  • Using this configurator the customer could easily key-in their options for spares along with the main product
  • Options for drawing notes of the Pig assembly parts were shared with the client to automatically update the drawings for shop floor also
Product Configurator for Pig
Product Configurator for Pig
Oil and Gas Pipeline Cleaning Equipment
Oil and Gas Pipeline Cleaning Equipment

By implementing design automation for the whole process, we empowered the manufacturer to eliminate the repetitive tasks and errors in design process. The client was also benefited by subtraction of manual calculation and could offer a range of design options at a fast pace.

Business Impact

Project Samples

CAD Configurator
CAD Configurator
Product Configurator
Product Configurator
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