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Design Automation for a Metal & Wood Furniture Manufacturer, USA

Project information
Client Profile
Furniture Manufacturer
Furniture Manufacturing
2D furniture Drawings
Product CAD Configurator
SolidWorks and DriveWorks
Design Automation
Client Challenges:
  • Reducing lead time in engineering (Average 4 to 5 days) and avoid delays in customers enquiries.
  • Repetitive design task leading to greater chances of error and improve quality for customization.
  • Managing product knowledge for different product and managing custom design templates for locks and accessories.

Our design automation solutions to client:

The furniture manufacturer for retail food chain stores manufacturing specific set of furniture constantly was facing challenges to customize the designs as per space availability and quoting the price accordingly. Our DriveWorks specialists collaborated with the manufacturer to develop CAD configurator to accelerate the time to market each piece.

Manufacturer could thus reduce the lead time from traditional 4 to 5 days to one day and design cycle was 70 times faster with enhanced quality. Significant reduction in material scrap during machining was also observed.

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