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Hi-Tech provides high quality, time bound, cost effective Computer-Aided Designing and Drafting (CADD) Services through its offshore facilities in INDIA.

Hi-Tech CADD services, the Engineering Consulting firm, provides comprehensive Architectural, Structural, BIM, Mechanical and Engineering design services ranging from product concept design to CAD drafting & structure stress analysis to optimization.

Our FEA, CFD and CAD/CAE tools are what help us partner our clients and successfully create a niche in the AEC community across USA – CANADA and Middle East, for product development and structure stress analysis.

Our professional engineers from various industries equipped with deep domain expertise and over 15 years of product design and engineering analysis experience prove to be that “Just-In-Time” staffing need.

We provide economical CADD services to tackle any size of your drafting, drawing, detailing, modeling and design requirements and projects. We not only provide reliable analysis result to our clients, but also an insight solution on their project as a value proposition.

This also helps our clients to not pay any over-time – no additional staffing requirements & no additional investments to purchase any software or equipments.

The end result is a cost effective yet efficient way of working with all the professionalism and accuracy in place.

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