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3D Modeling & Fabrication Drawing for Stairlifts Manufacturer, Europe

Mechanical Engineering Case Studies
3D Modeling for Stairlifts

Project Overview

Client Profile
Stairlifts Manufacturer
Building Products
AutoCAD Drawings
CAD Customization as per varying design standards
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  • Difficult to manage design data for multiple international standards for chairs and lifts.
  • Design and manufacturing information not aligned as per the available bending machines.
  • Addressing customized orders with special bends leading to extra engineering effort and lead time.

Our Solutions & Approach

Reduced 8 hours of design work to only 30 minutes and automated 90% of design data entry work for the manufacturer.  
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The European manufacturer partnered with our design support teams to customize the 3D CAD models and manufacturing of Stairlifts, rail designs, etc. to manufacture and install with minimum errors. Our CAD engineers partnered with client’s design teams to closely understand the local standards for designing of Stairlift and provide design support accordingly.
  • Original AutoCAD drawings as shared by the client were analyzed to incorporate the design customization for multiple international design standards.
  • Our design engineers leveraged SolidWorks APIs to migrate the legacy of CAD while keeping vital functionalities intact.
  • Various features, macros and tools were developed using C++, SQL, Java and .NET to generate standard 3D CAD models, fabrication and GA drawings for production as well as sales.
  • ‘What-if’ simulations were performed at the client’s end by changing design parameters digitally to identify design trade-offs quickly.
With such customized CAD migration and quick 3D modeling tasks, the client could improve quality and time for rail design and witness accuracy in production. Seamless design data exchange was observed between internal and external systems by enabling right mix of software.

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