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UK-based custom balcony manufacturer reduced design iteration by 50% using parametric 3D CAD and automation

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Parametric 3D Model of Balcony

Project Overview

Client Profile
Custom balcony manufacturer
Building products
GA drawings in 2D and architectural layout
3D parametric models, 2D manufacturing drawings, Excel BOMs and manufacturing documents
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Business Needs

  • To migrate balcony design workflows from 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D environment
  • CAD resources to manage high and fluctuating workload and meet delivery timelines


  • Managing design changes with 2D was heavy on time as each balcony had 100+ parts
  • Modifying design changes as even when a small change was made in one of the parts it lead to changes in all adjacent parts
  • 2D drawings posed challenges in checking and resolving internal assembly clashes in parts
  • Exporting drawings files to natural formats as each drawing was made to a specific drawing scale

Our Solutions & Approach

A balcony manufacturer in the US eliminated design iterations by 50% with CAD and iLogic

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Input GA drawings along with architectural layouts prepared in AutoCAD DWG format were shared by the client. Inventor 3D CAD experts at Hitech studied drawings and raised RFIs to have sufficient information to develop 3D parametric models.

3D Parametric Model and Drawing
3D Parametric Model and Drawing
  • In the first stage, design rules were defined as per client’s need and DXF files, STEP and pdf handouts were created
  • Top-down approach was followed to create 3D parametric models and drawing templates were automated using iLogic
  • iLogic macros ensured error-free design customization through auto-update of iProperties and design parameters for interlinked parts and subassemblies
  • Smart Inventor tools also created DXF files with zero errors generated during DXF file conversion of bent parts
  • A senior QC person checked the final part models, assemblies and drawings against various parameters for collision, BOM standards, part nomenclature, material properties and other documents
  • The project team checked and reviewed deliverables were shipped to the client via email on an ongoing basis as the project progressed
  • Ongoing work gradually lead to increase in the team size and expanded scope of work
CAD Model and Drawing of Custom Balcony
CAD Model and Drawing of Custom Balcony

Business Impact

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