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CAD drafting for marine furniture manufacturing reduced overall project cost by 70%

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CAD drafting for marine furniture manufacturing reduced overall project cost by 70%

Project Overview

Client Profile
Bespoke luxury interior fit-out manufacturer
Furniture manufacturing
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Business Needs

  • Scale up resources and bridge the skill gap for niche furniture fit-outs
  • Acquire domain expertise in design drafting of specialized marine furniture
  • Bring down overall project cost to meet budget plans


  • Generate all furniture drawings in a format compatible to iLogic
  • Establishing effective communication channel with five different engineers who were also stakeholders for the project at client’s end
  • Accommodating numerous revisions in designs and meeting timelines became difficult

Our Solutions & Approach

Avoid up to 90% fundamental design changes with close collaboration

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A team of four Inventor engineers with knowledge in marine furniture fit-outs was assembled. Once the input drawings were received, the team studied the plans and acquire knowledge for specific standards.

CAD Drafting for Vanity
  • A rulebook was prepared to ensure that all standard practices for 5 POCs were documented and strictly followed
  • A daily standup meets between client POCs and our project team were arranged to get onboard with client’s practices, get in sync with expectation and fix errors whatsoever
  • Initial RFIs were raised to understand the architect’s design intent for all fit-outs and yacht furniture products
  • The team arranged a pre-drafting meeting before Inventor drafting began to avoid rework and understand the exact expectation from each drawing
  • Location and placement of all equipment were understood and cabinet layouts were decided
  • Details like drawers, handle design, sliding doors, hinges etc. were decided and finalized with client using Woodwork for Autodesk Inventor
  • Equation based iLogic was used to modify and customize assemblies to auto-reflect changes in geometry across the assembly
  • Installation drawings and assembly drawings were also created to assist foremen on the site
  • The project team used standard products from the CAD library wherever available along with filler material to ensure meeting the space allocated
  • Upon agreement final furniture shop drawings were generated from these models with manufacturing details
  • Pre-delivery calls were set up before shipping the final deliverables to the client for final approval and make on the go changes
  • 90% of design changes were avoided , and the rest 10% accounted for changes originating during manufacturing shop floor or from the end client
  • Final drawings were developed with clearly areas, dimensions, tolerances and allowances for hardware

Business Impact

Project Samples

Furniture Design Drafting
Furniture Design Drafting
Vanity Unit CAD Model
Vanity Unit CAD Model
Furniture Drawings
Furniture Drawings
Vanity Unit Model
Vanity Unit Model
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