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6D BIM – Sustainable Design

We extend our engineering expertise to integrate energy modeling with existing BIM models to help contractors, owners and project stakeholders to build sustainable buildings.

Our building model simulation capabilities help owners as well as facility managers achieve sustainability goals for energy efficient buildings. With a broad understanding on sustainability challenges and importance of occupant comfort and safety, we extend complete support across design, analysis, evaluation and verification of minimum energy consumption.

From residential, commercial and industrial buildings to educational, hospital and public facilities, we deliver 6D BIM solutions to clients spread across the globe. Our teams help building owners and facility managers navigate through implementation of energy efficient plans using eQuest and ReLux platforms.

Our BIM specialists develop lifetime virtual building model providing stakeholder the access to relevant information to manage the property, building systems and components by developing BIM 6D models in Revit and Autodesk BDS.

Our BIM services for sustainable building design include:

  • Building CFD & Energy Analysis for optimal energy usage
  • Building Heat Load Calculations for efficiently planning HVAC systems and air flow across the facility
  • Fire & Smoke Modeling to help you plan emergency evacuation routes
  • Calculating wind loads and building stability based on wind engineering principles
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Fire Fighting equipment installation and fabrication drawings

6D BIM Case Study

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