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Structural Analysis & Design

FEA Static Structural Analysis
We provide structural design support services to contractors, engineers and steel detailers for constructing safe buildings through our expertise in drafting, modeling and simulation.

We partner with construction firms to deliver robust structural 2D drafting and 3D models for foundation plans, walls, beams, columns, etc. using AutoCAD. We develop 3D BIM models suitable for structural design analysis for delivery of robust and validated designs before contractors initiate construction stage.

We also perform virtual tests on models to ensure structural stability for various loads such as live load, dead load, wind load and seismic load prior to actual fabrication and installation. Our structural design analysis services extend even to the smallest building elements such as columns, joints, trusses and beams made of steel, concrete, wood and aluminum sections. Our finite element analysis (FEA) specialists deliver detailed static structural analysis for all types of buildings, bridges, dams, using ANSYS Mechanical, in order to optimize designs.

Our structural design and analysis services include:

  • 2D and 3D CAD modeling for structure design for gravity and lateral systems
  • Information-rich BIM structural models for design automation
  • Structural analysis for validating design concepts and eliminate design failures
  • Detailed structural analysis for comprehensive study on structure behavior

Contact us today for your queries regarding shop drawings for structural analysis and design services.

Structural Case Study
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