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BIM for Clash Detection and Risk Analysis Streamlines the Construction Process

Building information modeling extends immense support to architects, builders and developers in planning the construction process and understanding the execution process in the best possible manner. One of the most important aspect of this construction process planning and execution, is detection of clashes and risks and mitigating them.

BIM for clash detection

Now what is a clash? Does it refer to the building design, its construct-ability or to its performance? How does clash detection ensure that the construction process planning and execution happens flawlessly? Read on for an insight…

BIM has a distinctive ability to identify clashes, interventions and omissions before the construction work starts. BIM software like Navisworks simulates clash detection to allow assessment of risks, and plan mitigation strategies during the development process. With clash detection, the possibility of human error and oversights is reduced. Let us understand how BIM supports clash detection and risk analysis across the construction process.

Interdisciplinary clashes

An intelligent BIM provides a powerful visualization of the entire construction process to all the involved stake holders. As all disciplines like architecture, structure and MEP can be visualized in sync, the clashes and interferences between these disciplines are immediately identified. Further experts make design changes to mitigate these clashes. Once the iterated design details are fed in to the BIM, it can be visually seen that the said clashes have resolved.

Temporary and permanent spatial requirement clashes

A building information model helps evaluate the spatial requirements (both temporary and permanent in nature) at a construction site. BIM enables viewing and analyzing the spatial requirements extremely easy. The requirements for built up area, assembly areas, material storage and loading unloading facility area etc can be planned in BIM, and if there are clashed between these spatial requirements, these can be resolved and further evaluated.

Conflict identification and resolution during the early development stage

BIM helps determine the several types of conflicts that might occur during the construction process. For example – there is only one heavy lifting equipment at the construction site. This heavy equipment is required for two different task, taking place at different locations at the site.

Now these two activities are scheduled to be carried out at the same time. Single equipment cannot be used for two different activities at the same time. So this is a conflict. This type of conflict might go unnoticed during the conventional practices, however, Clash detection in BIM – an information rich model makes the process easy.

If these types of clashes are not detected early on, then during the construction process, a lot of efforts have to be dedicated to resolve the issue and this also results in lot of delays. Hence we can say that BIM enables efficient management of materials, trades and equipment that coexist at a construction site.

Hitech CADD Services – an expert BIM service provider to developers and builders across the AEC industry. The company has executed several complex BIM projects for construction of residential properties, airports, hospitals and health care centers, commercial buildings, shopping malls and many more, and helped building design experts detect and resolve clashes easily for a streamlined construction process.

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Hiral Patel

About Author: is an engineer and has been contributing to the BIM industry. She mainly takes care about the application of BIM across Architecture, MEP and Structural sectors. Her focus is towards encouraging construction companies, sub-contractors and architects to adopt right technologies to improve efficiency and profitability.

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