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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping
Bridging the gap between virtual designs and actual manufacturing.

Allowing your product design engineers to bring quality products for the market, we provide control over design iterations and development schedules through rapid prototyping services. Our additive manufacturing specialists deliver high-precision 3D CAD models and prototypes, to evaluate product designs prior to actual production.

Additionally, our design engineers assist you in choosing the right technology and material, to ensure comprehensive inclusion of required features in the prototype being developed. We are your one stop solutions provider for 3d prototyping services including CNC machining, metal 3d printing, vacuum casting and SLA & SLS.

With a dedicated team for additive manufacturing projects, we ensure that the design data is converted to printer friendly CAD formats with resized holes, optimized tolerances, watertight geometry and balanced part density and strength.

Our rapid prototyping services include:

  • 3D CAD modeling for additive manufacturing requirements
  • Rapid prototypes for appearance models, proof of concept prototypes, design evaluation models (form, fit & function), engineering proving models (design verification), product performance & testing, wind-tunnel test models
  • Tooling and patterns: rapid tooling (concept development & bridge tools), injection mold inserts, tooling and manufacturing estimating visual aid, investment casting patterns, jigs and fixtures, foundry patterns – sand casting

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