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Design digitization of production plant using feature-based modeling

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3D Model of Scrubber

Project Overview

Client Profile
Production plant
Recycling industry
Photos of plants and various structures
2D/3D plant layout, GA drawings in SolidWorks
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Business Needs

The plant was in existence for several decades and hence updated equipment drawings and plant layout drawings were not available. Thus, they wanted to create the as-is conditions of the plant using CAD models and drawings.


  • Gathering design data without shutting down regular plant operations
  • Accuracy and precision in dimensions during measurements and CAD modeling

Our Solutions & Approach

Reverse engineering of a waste recycling plant digitized designs and drawings for the entire plant for future referencing.

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Hitech CADD Services’ project team visited the plant and physically recorded the dimensions to document the design data. Since the plant operations were running regularly, the team worked during the machine down time or at night.

CAD Model for Separator to Scrubber
CAD Model for Separator to Scrubber
  • Two onsite engineers manually measured the equipment, assemblies and sub-assemblies and documented them
  • As the measurements were recorded the team onsite developed hand sketches and sent pictures to the team in India to create the models
  • Using parametric CAD tools, we developed 3D models and drawings, 2D manufacturing drawings for all the equipment and plant layout
  • GA drawings, exploded views, structure models were also created
  • Several RFIs were raised to understand internal structures of equipment such as shredder, exhaust, etc.
  • QC was done by a senior engineer on the team and final drawings were shared with the client

Business Impact

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