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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Retail Store Furniture Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Support, Europe

The Client
Furniture Manufacturing, Europe

The Objective

Improving the engineering, prototyping and manufacturing lead time for furniture designed for retail stores and expedite the delivery to customers.

The Solution

The design of one of the retail store furniture was converted from 2D to 3D for greater visibility, considering the client’s Design for Manufacturing (DFM) strategy, manufacturing processes and product requirements. The engineering time was reduced from 5 days to 1 day using design automation tools which further helped in reducing prototyping trials and manufacturing time. The client was able to deliver the products to end customers on time while reducing the cost incurred in quality errors and material wastage.

SolidWorks, DriveWorks & AutoCAD
Retail Store Furniture Design
Retail Store Furniture Design
Retail Store Furniture Design
Retail Store Furniture Design
Retail Store Furniture Design
Retail Store Furniture Design

Furniture manufacturers operating in retail industry are often faced with a challenge of developing and delivering customized furniture designed for retail stores of different architecture setting. It is important for manufacturers to equip themselves with right technologies and processes, to boost up the design prototyping and manufacturing time, minimize cost and ensure timely delivery of products to end customers. While Design for Manufacturability (DFM) strategy is helpful in bringing down the development schedule and reduce material wastage, there is an increasing need of streamlining the design process as per the manufacturing capabilities.

A Europe based furniture and equipment manufacturer for retail stores collaborated with Hi-Tech to seek a similar solution to bring down lead times by improving the design and manufacturing processes and thereby deliver the products to customers faster. Enlisted are some of the prime challenges the client was facing-

Client Challenges:

The Solution:

Hi-Tech performed a preliminary study on the design and manufacturing capabilities of the client through several onsite visits and developed a process to achieve the objectives. The 2D workflow was first converted to 3D to enhance the product visualization and help engineers and shop floor personnel to understand design intent clearly. Utilizing an experienced team of mechanical engineers, Hi-Tech implemented automation in several areas of the design process aligned as per the manufacturing capabilities. The approach helped client in implementing the DFM strategy and gain benefits of reducing the manufacturing lead time while reducing the wastage. The team also provided a defect tracking and process quality checks to strengthen and boost the product delivery process.

Business Benefits:

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