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Process Tank Configurator using Inventor & iLogic, Netherlands

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Process Tank Configurator using Inventor

Project Overview

Client Profile
Industrial Equipment Manufacturer
Netherlands, Europe
Process Industry
Conceptual Drawings and Custom Design Needs
CAD Configurator
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Business Needs

  • Earlier client using excel based tool to generate SolidWorks model and drawing but now client is moving in to Autodesk Inventor So they need similar or better option in Inventor
  • Currently one tank takes time of 10 to 12 hours of engineering hours as well as end client get queried for certain nozzle angles as in engineering it is interference with others after 2 to 3 days


  • Repetitive and time consuming process of gathering custom tank design requirements.
  • Excessive engineering man hours utilized to develop 3D CAD models & 2D manufacturing drawings.
  • Manufacturing delay affecting the delivery commitments and unnecessary material wastage.

Our Solutions & Approach

Developed process tank configurator that helped manufacturer to enabled same day manufacturing and improved sales revenue.

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Develop CAD Configurator Custom Tanks
Develop CAD Configurator Custom Tanks

The industrial equipment manufacturer needed to implement Build-To-Order (BTO) manufacturing practices for which client partnered with our design automation specialists to develop CAD configurator custom tanks. Our industrial design engineers leveraged Inventor and iLogic to automate the designing and 3D modeling part.

  • Our project team leveraged iLogic and Inventor’s inbuilt functions to create product configurator for process tanks.
  • Capturing the crucial design knowledge logical rules were set-up to automatically generate 3D CAD model, fabrication & manufacturing drawings and BOM lists.
  • Based on the inputs from sales personnel or engineer, the configurator would directly generate the 3D preview through the pre-feed design intelligence.

With the process tank configurator the manufacturer could produce custom tanks and practice ETO and bespoke manufacturing with quality without much lead time. Same day manufacturing was enabled at the manufacturers end and could see clear improved sales revenue.

Business Impact

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